How Not To Be A Broke College Student


Being in college can bring stress on its own. Worrying about deadlines and exams can give you stress to last for months. Why build on top of that? Having financial stress on top of school can be a very heavy load for a student to carry. Homecoming season will soon be upon us, statement outfits are NECESSARY! Here are some ways to bring in money while you’re in school:

1.  Sell Your Old Clothes/Shoes

This is a very easy way to make some extra cash. Students are always looking for something new to add to their closet for a reasonable price. Thrifting is in and most students bring clothes they won’t even wear on campus so it works out perfectly.


2. Save A Percentage Of Your Paychecks 

Saving a percentage of your paychecks and putting them into a savings account is very beneficial, especially if you cannot hold onto money for long periods of time. This, in many ways, is a great way for you to start practicing saving for when you reach full adulthood. 


3. Do Quick Jobs Like Uber, DoorDash and Wag

If you have a car on campus, try to do quick jobs in between or after classes that will instantly benefit you. Wag is a dog walking service that allows you to either walk dogs and/or board them; so if you’re an animal lover like me, this is an easy job that’ll bring you money and joy. On top of that, you can make tips working all three of these jobs. 

4. Start Trading In The Foreign Exchange Market

I know some people think Forex is a scam, but it is definitely another source of income that can benefit a college student greatly. Trading in forex and stocks is an ivy level skill that will set you apart from the average, while also bringing in real money. I personally have been trading for a month and I’m glad that I took up the opportunity to do so! Some people are taught how to have multiple streams of income early in life, and if that was not your circumstances, make it your duty to learn now.

5. Don’t Throw Money Away

This is one that throws most young students off the most. It’s so easy to overspend when the weekend comes, but it is key to making sure your accounts won’t be in the negative by the morning. Don’t spend money on things you don’t need. Budget what you have and make it last for things you absolutely need to buy.


Spend wisely and make this a school year to remember!