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I know the idea of vacationing right now seems irresponsible and dangerous, but sometimes there are some risks you have to take. For your mental well-being you need a break from reality and must take time for yourself. Just be prepared in all aspects and be ready for what you’re getting yourself into. Especially when it comes to finances, you have to critically think about how the smallest changes can affect your experience to make the most of it. 

Do your research ahead of time…

It may seem weird to research where you are going. You have the general idea of what life is gonna be like at your dream destination. Yet, you still want to have a better understanding of what you will be getting yourself into. For a lot of places all around the world, especially those tourist destinations, people tend to review and vlog their experience. So might as well take advantage and take some of their advice on how you can utilize your time well, safely. Yet, never forget that the locals know what’s up. They know the secret spots for food and lookouts for cheap. It’s always great to get multiple perspectives. 

plan, plan, PLAN!

Now why would you go somewhere you have never been before and spend all this money and not even have a small to-do list of what you want to do. I am not saying you need an itinerary, but you want to make sure you have a plan. Make sure when you plan you consider budgeting. In my opinion, it is better to dip your toe in ahead of time to get comfortable with what you’re doing rather than making up random plans the entire trip.

Groupon can be your best friend…

Groupon is that app you always forget about but when you hop back on it, you wonder why you forgot about it. It can be one of the key parts of your vacay that can change what you do with your time in a financially responsible way. You can also find a discount for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. Whether that means a nice dinner at a steakhouse or even going extreme skydiving. Something is bound to pop up that can save you a lot of dough in the end. The only disclaimer I’d give is that depending on where you go, groupon might not be an option to utilize. Especially for more rural or small destinations, it may be a little difficult to find a place with deals. 

Do you really need a souvenir?

I know, I get it. We all love shopping for those little knick knacks and useless souvenirs that do nothing but collect dust when we get back home. Yet, we somehow make up ridiculous excuses about how it will somehow add value to our life but let’s be real… it won’t. It’s nice to support those small businesses and maybe get your mom something but you might blow right through your budget. Try to focus your money on the moments and experiences you can interact with rather than tangible objects. You’ll be more grateful in the long run. 

Splurge on a once in life-time moment!

You never really know how much fun you had until you look back on those memories that you shared with yourself or the people surrounding you. Those moments are something that can never be taken from you. You may not feel the need to capture it with photos, rather staying in the moment and feeling as though you found yourself. That’s why you go on vacation! To feel free with no distractions and to have a break. So, while spending, budgeting, planning, make sure you take time for yourself. Consider biting the bullet and spend a little extra to make that memory special. You can always make money, but you can never turn back the clock.

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