How to Let Him Go

How to Let Him Go

By: Victoria Daniels

*Cues Say Goodbye by Chris Brown* that’s right sis, it is officially time to let that man go. The fights have been almost every day, talking it out does not seem to work, and the relationship is being to impact your daily life way too much. The two of you decide to end things and go your separate ways. In a perfect world, the two of you would carry on as if the other did not exist but its 2016 and we live in America…that is definitely not happening. Don’t know how to truly let him go and move on with your life? Read below to find out how you can start the process of letting go.

  1. Stop the lurking: Just about every female has a bachelor of arts in lurking, whether that be via twitter, Instagram, or through the grapevine. If the two of you have broken up, stop checking his twitter likes on the hour! Not only does lurking result in discovering information that you probably didn’t want to see, but it isn’t healthy to constantly be consumed with someone who is no longer in your life. Release the reigns and stop the nightly FBI investigations.

  1. Stop giving dirty looks to the next girl: If he has already moved on to someone else, chances is he probably isn’t officially over you, BUT that does not give you the okay to sabotage and act ugly towards the new girl. As women, we already have to deal with enough hate from men. Let’s not increase the hate by dishing out constant stank looks and snide remarks to the new girl in his life. Unless she home wrecked your situation, she had nothing to do with the breakup and does not deserve the hate. Let them do them and be happy. Never bitter just better!

  1. Utilize that New Free Time Wisely: Now that you are out of this relationship, you probably have a lot more time on your hands. Devote that time to reconnecting to treating yourself. Take a long tub bath (not in the Hampton Dorms though), pick up a good book, or go to brunch with your besties! Being in relationships often sucks important “me- time” from your schedule, so learn to implement it back into your groove of life. Having time to yourself is critical especially in college when life seems to throw every lemon it could find your way. Use that time to relax and rejuvenate!

  1. GLO UP: Sometimes you just have to boss up and stunt on em! Especially if this boy put your through hell and back, glo up in all areas to show him that he did not stop your shine. Glo up mentally, physically, and spiritually. Often times, girls tend to sulk after a breakup and fall into dark places. That is not needed when you know your worth and add tax. So find a new way to rock your curls, pick up a popping new lip gloss, and add an extra strut in your walk. Remember a queen without a king stills hold the title and the crown!

Breakups and letting go are not easy at all, but you have to start the process and move on with your life. You cannot be stuck in that same place, get up and smell the flowers sis. Be blessed and let go!