How to Know it's Time to Get Your Boo a Christmas Gift

Are you only months into a relationship? Is Christmas time around the corner and you’re freaking out? Are you wondering whether or not your boo is going to buy you a gift or not and you don’t want to look stupid? No worries I am here to give you pointers and ways to tell that your significant other is getting you a gift.

So, Christmas is coming up and you are most likely battling with different ideas, concerns, and questions going through your head. So, to start off, first calm down, I promise you it’ll be okay. Take a moment to ask yourself has your significant other ever brought up the holidays? Are they even into gift giving and giving gifts? If you are not sure about those things, here’s what you do.

One night when you two are on the phone slowly bring up the Christmas season, ask questions about what they may be getting their family members and friends. After feeling their vibe about those questions, proceed to ask them straight out what they want for Christmas. You can also ask them a question such as, “So, what do you want to do for Christmas?” or “What kind of things have you always wanted as a Christmas gift?” If you are trying to figure out whether or not they may be getting you something, smoothly bring up a few of your favorite items or something you’ve always thought about getting yourself but just never got around to buying it.


If you realize that playing things smoothly doesn’t work for you, being BOLD may your best option. If you are a blunt and open then simply be that person and step forward and simply ask, “Hey, are we getting each other gifts this year?” “What gift would you want me to get you for Christmas?” “Is it too soon to be buying each other gifts?”


When the hard part is out the way and you’ve figured out whether or not you can get your significant other a gift, but you don’t want to go overboard, here are some cute, simple ideas for a nice Christmas gift. One gift could be an actual home cooked meal, of course the day before Christmas, and even a bottle of wine. Another gift could be something as simple as a gift card to a place you know is their favorite restaurant or clothing store.

If you are pass the 5-month stage dropping $50 or more on your significant other would be pretty reasonable. To sum it up, the longer you guys are together before that first Christmas, the more you can spend or drop on that person! Plan wisely guys, and Her Campus at Hampton U hopes this short but specific guide to gift giving helped!