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How to Know if You’re Ready to go Further

Let’s talk about sex baby, and more importantly, how to know when you’re ready to take that step into adulthood. 

If you’ve been fortunate enough to get a well-rounded education, one including quality health classes and positive conversations with a parent or guardian, you know the textbook fundamentals of sexual intercourse. Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s all that was necessary?

Whether you’re having sex for the first time or it’s your first time with a new partner, feeling comfortable with the transition is key. To ensure a sense of ease, be clear about the nature of your relationship. Can you trust this person to be discreet and treat you with respect? Can you trust them with your health? Each answer is synonymous with the direction you should take going forward. If for any reason those answers change, be sure to approach the situation with a new perspective.

As with any major decision, timing is everything. Don’t rush solely for the purpose of having a new experience. Be careful not to get swept away in the name of love. Putting emotions to the side and using logic is ideal in a situation of this sort. Give this moment the consideration it deserves. Doing so, will heighten your chances of being confident in your choice. 

Have the necessary conversations. Communicate with those closest to you, especially the person who’s going to share in your special moment. Leave no stone unturned. Be grateful for any advice that’s given; take what applies and leave the rest. While your friends’ intentions may be good, peer pressure to engage in something before you’re ready will only cause pain in the long run. 

Regardless of your views on sex, there’s no denying it requires a certain amount of vulnerability. To share intimate moments with someone else means trusting them with the intimate parts of yourself. As monumental as this decision might seem, it’s yours to make. Listen to yourself before anyone else, you’ll know what to do.


With Joy, 

Lindsay Keener 

Lindsay Keener

Hampton U '20

Lindsay Keener is a senior at Hampton University where she is majoring in journalism with an area of emphasis in English. Her passion for writing began in her childhood and has followed Lindsay throughout the years. Before entering college, Lindsay published articles in the Michigan Chronicle, a metropolitan Detroit-based newspaper centered around the African-American community. Since attending college, Lindsay has published countless articles in the university’s student-produced newspaper, the Hampton Script and also worked as a writer and reporter for Smooth 88.1 WHOV, the campus radio station. Following graduation, Lindsay hopes to write for an online or print publication as a lifestyle or opinion columnist within the magazine world.
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