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How I Will Celebrate Thanksgiving Differently In My Household

When I was younger, there were only a few holidays that I looked forward to every year. Easter for the pretty new Easter Sunday dress, Valentine’s day for the mushiness, Christmas for the gifts, and Thanksgiving for the food and family bonding. 

Being an only child, Thanksgiving has always been important to me. I don’t know if it’s Thanksgiving Day football games, amazing food, or seeing my entire family without there being any type of drama (and with most families, that’s extremely rare). As I’ve gotten older, my parents, grandparents, and other family members have too, which has caused everyone to want to stay at home and rest, not cook, and be without the family for one of the few days out of the year everyone is off work. Thanksgiving used to be so much different, but one thing I know is that when I have my own household, Thanksgiving will begin as a legendary holiday and it will end as one too. The love of Thanksgiving will never die down in my home. Here are some things that I will do to ensure that. 

Everyone’s getting drunk 

Whether it’s the day before, the day of, or the day after, Thanksgiving is going to be a time where the youngins are going to see another side of us “older folk”. We are going to let our hair down. My house will be non-judgemental and all for ignorance. 

Lie on the invitation 

First things first. We know how black people are. You would think Thanksgiving would be a day that CP time doesn’t exist, yet it does (especially when it’s time to eat the food). Knowing this information, if Thanksgiving dinner starts at 4, the invitation will say dinner starts at 2. I refuse to wait around to eat. #THANKSGIVINGPETPEEVE

Be honest about the food 

I think we all have that one aunt who believes wholeheartedly that she can truly cook, even when the container of food she brought is still full when dinner is over. I vow to let any member of my family know if they’re cooking isn’t up to par to hit the Thanksgiving dinner table. It will be done in a kind way of course, but either way…it has to be done. Just politely tell them to stay out of the kitchen. 

Family games are a must 

Cliques do exist in families. I love to hang out with my cousins more than anything on Thanksgiving. However, I wish I would’ve spent more time with the entire family. So at my future Thanksgiving dinner, there will be games of Family Feud, Scattergories, Charades, Black Card Revoked, and more. 

Sitting on your ass all day is a no!

I get it. It’s a holiday and everyone wants to just relax, but sitting on the couch in front of the tv all day on Thanksgiving isn’t going to work for me. People are going to talk, mingle, and have fun with each other. There’s no reason for us to get together and just do what we do on a regular day. 

If you haven’t concluded by now, my Thanksgiving will be all about family unity. Thanksgiving is for us to take the time to acknowledge what we are thankful for and spend time with the ones we are thankful to have. I will have my own traditions and rules. Thanksgiving won’t just be another day for my family. It’ll be a yearly family reunion. 

I have the privilege to serve as Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Hampton U Chapter a second year! I am a graduating Senior, Strategic Communications major, Marketing minor currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. I am from Richmond, VA (shoutout to the 804!). In addition to classes, I run my own creative agency, Tiana Nichelle Marketing where I specialize in social media management, content creation, public relations, and branding. My love for the PR and Communications industry is the reason my ultimate goal is to become a celebrity publicist in the upcoming years! Her Campus Hampton U is an organization that is near and dear to me and I am so happy to be a leader of this ELITE chapter!
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