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How to Handle your Visitors During Homecoming

It’s homecoming and it’s only right for your friends from back home or your bae to come turn up with you for homecoming, right? But, what happens when you’re trying to entertain your visitors and balance hanging with your school crew, too? You may think it’s easy to just bring your visitor(s) along with you, but sometimes trying to please both parties isn’t that simple, especially when they don’t know each other. Here’s some ways to enjoy yourself while showing your visitor(s) a good time and still hanging with your campus clique. 

Introduce them to everyone

Yes, it can get annoying sometimes, but it’s proper manners to introduce your guests to everyone you say hey to on campus. They don’t need a full run down of who they are, why they’re here, etc. But, do acknowledge their presence. 

Have an outing with your guest

Your friends from back home came to have a good time with you and it’s natural to want sometime with you outside of the fun events and turning up. Set aside a time, maybe brunch or happy hour for just you and them. Make them feel like you’re happy to have them as apart of your homecoming experience. 

Do an intimate kick back

Whether it’s a pregame together or just a light gathering invite your crew over and do something with both parties so they can get to know each other and so they can feel comfortable together. If you’re going to be attending all the parties and tailgates together then it would be cool to hang with each other beforehand to bond. 

Tolani Rosa, a senior, sociology major from Brooklyn, New York said for this homecoming season her main focus is “to introduce my friends on campus with my friends from back home to make them cordial with each other.” Rosa said, “Making sure they’re cordial with each other ensures that going places and making it a group effort with run smoothly.” 

If you are nervous of how to handle this during homecoming then use some of these tips, and of course, no matter what be sure to enjoy yourself. You only get one homecoming a year! 

Asia Milia Ware is a junior Strategic Communication major at Hampton University. Hailing from the concrete jungle, New York City, she is a lover of fashion, and a journalist; your future fashion editor and editor-in-chief of a #1 women's lifestyle magazine. As Hampton University's ESSENCE College Ambassador, a blogger for Style by D'NiCole and a style guru for CollegeFashionista, Asia is a Fashionista that is always on the go. Writing is her specialty, in addition to fashion and styling.
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