How Entrepreneurs on Campus Can Market to College Students

Hey college entrepreneurs! Homecoming szn is quickly approaching and it’s important that we capitalize on the opportunity to make some money. So here are a few tips to expand your brand on your campus this fall.


  1. 1. Promote Affordability   

    We’re college students first. Most of us are balling on a budget and as much as we would like to support one another, we may not have the funds to do so. Keeping your product at its cheapest while still profiting is the best route to take while selling a product marketed to college students.

  2. 2. Reach Them on Social Media 

    Instagram and Twitter are our peers’ main forms of communication. While taking study breaks and walking from class to the student center, scrolling on IG isn’t an uncommon thing. Take advantage of the free promo!

  3. 3. Have a Presence on Campus 

    I don’t mean just joining an organization on campus. Make yourself stand out amongst the crowd. You can promote your brand around campus all you would like, but if no one knows you, you haven’t established any trust.

  4. 4. Offer a Student Discount 

    Everyone loves some $$ off. Offer a special discount for your fellow classmates. Not only would it make people interested in knowing about your product but, it’ll encourage them to spend their money with you.

Good luck, ladies!