How to Crush Correctly


How to Crush Correctly

So you have developed a crush on the cutie who sits in front of you in your Humanities class. How do you go about talking to them? Should you ask today’s date or just straight out get their number? There are endless ways to go about crushing, however not everywhere way will be the most successful. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s of what to do while shooting your shot.


The foundation of getting to know someone is conversation. Start talking! Strike up a conversation about a current event such as the weekend’s events or our disappointing President Election. In order for your crush to recognize you, talking is key. Small conversations before class starts or walking out of the room is the perfect length to grab someone’s attention and spark their potential interest in you. Relax and try not to show nervousness during the conversation. Be yourself and just go with the flow.

First impressions are everything ladies so do make a good first impression! If you are really trying to impress your crush and present yourself well, I recommend dressing and acting accordingly. Not saying that you must pop out at every moment when you see them, but in the beginning stages I would suggest presenting yourself in the best way possible. This includes little things such as making sure your lips are moisturized and glossed and your teeth are free of food. No need for embarrassing slip ups or the potential to be caught lacking! Also be sure to watch your actions and carry yourself with respect and dignity, especially if you want this crush to turn into a possible relationship partner. This also means to be confident in yourself! Most people are attracted to others that exude confidence and self-assurance.You want them to see and understand the true person that you are. With that being said, always stay true to yourself and show yourself in the best light at all times.


How many of you are guilty of daydreaming about the future wedding between you and your crush and planning baby names as well? This seems harmless and fun, but this could potentially go south. Of course, you should dream big and be positive but be careful not to count your eggs before they hatch. You must always be prepared for the event that your crush does not feel the same way, already has a boo thing, or is simply not interested in all aspects. This will be much easier news if you haven’t already started planning your first dates and imagining Friday nights laid up with each other. Stay positive but remain realistic and prepare yourself for all possible outcomes

Speaking of day dreaming and well wishing, these tendencies can also turn into lurking on their twitter page and investigating all aspects of their life. STALKER ALERT! Do not become one of those girls who has already claimed their crush as their significant other before the crush even knows you exist.  It is definitely okay to do research and determine their relationship status and past love life history, but do not take it too far. Asking all their friends, looking at posts from 48 weeks ago, and doing pop ups outside their house is not okay. The object of having a crush is for it to potentially turn into a relationship and not a restraining order!

By following these basic do's and dont's, you will be able to crush correctly. Remember to be yourself and always put your best foot forward. Having a crush can cause stress and anxiety from not knowing which move to make next or how the other person feels about you. Try to remain positive and realistic. Lastly, as Michael Scott said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" . Best wishes!