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How to be Successful while working in a Full House

The transition from in person learning to online classes has proven to be difficult for many students. Due to the pandemic, thousands of college students were forced to move back home and become acquainted with online learning. While having to leave campus mid-semester and begin a new format is stressful enough, students are now having to get used to doing online class in a full house. Personally I know how stressful this can be due to both my parents and my brother being home all the time. While this can easily be a recipe for disaster, with a few easy tips it can easily turn into a successful semester. 

First, create an area either in your room or somewhere in your house that resembles an office. It’s important that it’s in a “low-traffic” room. With less traffic or interaction you’ll  be able to accomplish your work in a timely fashion. All you truly need is somewhere to write, some notebooks, pens and pencils and a clean space to do your work. By creating an office simulated area, you are helping yourself to not only get organized, but you're making sure that you're not going to be distracted. 

Next, alert your family members of your class times. You can either print out your schedule or text your family members. By alerting them, you're making sure they won’t bust in your room during class or blast loud music as you're taking an exam. By openly communicating with members of your household, you eliminate embarrassing interruptions during your classes.  

Another tip is to invest in headphones. If there's something going on in or outside your house that you can’t control, having headphones is an easy way to cancel the noise out. By synching into your device, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing background noise that can disturb others. 

Last and most importantly, take a break! School is already stressful, but having to switch to online classes during a pandemic can cause anyone to falter in their class studies. With a full house, there’s a high possibility that there is always something going on. Unlike a campus, you can’t just walk outside to see your friends or attend a party as a stress reliever.  By getting out of your room and outside, you're helping your body to reset. Make sure that you set aside time everyday to get out of the house. It can be as simple as going for a walk, or even meditating in your backyard. The fresh air and change of scenery will not only aid in protecting your mental health, but also be taking part in a healthy stress reliever. 

By creating an office space, minimizing your distractions, communicating and taking time to breathe you will ensure your success for this fall semester. 

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