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How to be a Mysterious Woman in today’s Dating World

Mystery can be alluring; it makes people want to find out more about you. An air of mystery can be exciting for people who don’t want their emotions out in the open. These are the people that prefer a challenge. However, there are a few tricks to being mysterious. You have to be careful because if you get it wrong, you come off as a tease, and no one likes a tease. With that, here are seven ways to be a mysterious woman in today’s dating world:


A great piece of advice when dating is to not seem too eager, by responding to his calls or texts right away. Let him sweat you! Even if you really like this guy and feel as though you have to talk to him all day every day, make him miss you.  Make him wonder what you’re doing and who you’re with, but do not let him know that he has already won you over completely.

2. Keep some independence

Of course it is obviously great to spend a lot of time with bae, but it is important to keep a degree of independence when you are dating a new love interest. Not always making yourself available every time they want to do something will let your partner know that you have your own life and interests. It will also make the time you do spend together more exciting.

3. Don’t tell your life story

It isn’t necessary to tell your entire life story in the beginning stages of a relationship. Maintain that air of mystery by picking and choosing which pieces of information you share on each date. If he is really into you, he will stick around long enough to hear the whole story. Revealing too much all at once could do two things: scare him away or make you look like you are looking for too much commitment too early.

4. Be Unique

Don’t conform or change who you are just so you can try to match what you think your new man might like. Be yourself and be unique. He will be more intrigued by the “real you” than the “fake you.” If you like flaming red hair, then go for it. If you have a controversial opinion, do not be afraid to share it. Your unique nature will make you even more mysterious.

5. Have a good sense of humor

Don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor show. Your date will have so much more fun if you are relaxed than if you are sitting back and making him do all the work. Your sense of humor says a lot about you. Letting him in on what you think is funny will reveal some of that mystery and leave him wanting more.

6. Be Confident

Oozing confidence can be one of the most attractive things in the early stages of dating someone new. Being charismatic and comfortable in your own skin can be just as mysterious as it is attractive. Best believe that it will leave your new man wanting to get to know you more.

7. Talk about your curious interests

There is nothing more mysterious than a woman who dips all her fingers in different pies. Let him know that you are interested in a wide range of topics and you will be even more of a conundrum to him. Don’t box yourself into a traditional stereotype; show him you are different.

As stated in the beginning, don’t tease; intrigue. Be mysterious, but also don’t be a closed book. If he isn’t interested in unlocking your mystery, then oh well! 

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