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Homecoming Starter Pack: The Essential 5


‘‘Tis the season! Homecoming week is upon us and it’s time to get your outfits, money and turn up itinerary in order. Read below to find out the five essential items you must have to survive the week of late nights and early mornings!

A Statement Clutch

Not only will a clutch hold all of your tickets, Advil, and keys, but it can double as a statement accessory. Purses and handbags are not efficient for the homecoming week. In between events, parties, and last minute link ups, you won’t be able to keep up with your Louis or MCM. Head to Forever 21 or H&M to look for this hot item!


Regardless if the sun is on full blast, a pair of trendy sunglasses are necessary. Sunglasses can jazz up a basic outfit and add some sophistication to your look. Shades also come in handy when you have to make it to your 2 pm class after a long night in the harbors!


Statement Lip

Whether you get a bold, matte lip from Colourpop or choose a glossy lip by way of your local beauty supply store, your lips need to be on Lil Mama level! A popping lip also adds some extra spice to your overall look in addition to your shades and clutch. All I ask is that you chose a lip color that really accents and compliments your skin color. Be bold but don’t get crazy!


Turn Up Cup

We don’t condone underage drinking so this is strictly for the grown and legal readers! A cute, reusable cup or bottle only adds class to all the sipping you will do during the week. Walmart and even the Dollar Store have a great selection that are presentable and not too expensive, just in case you lose it in the midst of the party.


Back-Up Outfit

Nothing ever goes as planned…Either you spilled something on your dress two hours before the event, or your Pretty Little Thing package didn’t come in time. It is better to have a backup outfit (with shoes) just in case tragedy or a malfunction happens. Being prepared is much better than being sorry ladies!

Hopefully, these items are already in your room or you’re running to the mall after reading this post. Get on it! Enjoy your homecoming to the fullest but please remember to be safe! Call a friend or an Uber if you aren’t sure you can make it. Know your limits and never leave your friends alone. Still, show up to class because your GPA doesn’t acknowledge homecoming as a break. Happy homecoming ladies, xoxo

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