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Homecoming Purse Essentials

It’s time for homecoming and everyone is gathering their last items for the week. Don’t get stuck at an event without these essentials in your purse!


A lady almost always has to run to the lady’s room and “freshen up”. Lips are a significant part of a makeup look so never forget to throw your lippie of the night in your purse so you can touch up.

Portable Charger

Having a dead phone in the middle of an event is probably the most annoying situations ever and it also can be very dangerous. Don’t let this happen to you! Always carry a portable charger and cord. You never know what can happen and there won’t always be an accessible outlet. Plus you can Snapchat all you want without draining your battery!



As ladies we must stay smelling fresh and sweet. We all know Hampton parties can get very hot and sweaty so always keep a small perfume in your purse. Travel sized bottles and the rollerball tubed perfumes are perfect for on the go.



Now you can’t smell like Marc Jacobs Honey fragrance and have hot, “turn up” breath therefore gum/breath mints are a must have. You never know who you might talk to at a party and stinky breath isn’t cute. Grab some Tic-Tacs, Orbit or even an old fashioned peppermint, as long as your breath smells fresh.

Extra Cash

Last but not least…money! You should never leave the house without some extra cash. If your purse isn’t big enough for your wallet make sure you have a few extra dollars. Sometimes you won’t be able to use your debit card.


These items are essential to staying cute and prepared for the exciting week to come so make sure they’re checked off your list. Her Campus’ very own Asia also shared her purse must haves for Hampton’s homecoming. Be sure to watch the video below because you might want to add some items to your list! Check it out!


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