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From Home Space to Work Place: How to Create your Perfect Work Space at Home

In the age of COVID, our homes have become more than just a living place. Working from home can make it hard to separate comfort from getting your work done. Yet today, I am here to give you three tips to make your life a little easier!

1. Designate a specific area in your house that is dedicated strictly to working!

Whether it be at a desk in your room, a nice scenic spot outside, or simply at your dining room table. It is ideal that you find a place within your space that you know for sure is strictly for the sole purpose of getting your work done. Here is one thing for sure, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR BED. Your bed may look tempting, but let me tell you, if you attempt to do your work in your bed, 9 times out of 10, you will end up catching up on your sleep more than your school work!

2. Organization is Key!

No one wants to work among a bunch of mess, but if you do, it’s time for a change. Whatever space you may call your workspace, try to make sure that everything around you is in some type of order. Whether that be utilizing a file organizer for your papers or having a planner to make sure you are aware of any due dates. Positioning a system in place will make your life 100% easier! If you want to spruce it up a bit, buy a whiteboard calendar or just a plain whiteboard to write down all of your deadlines and important dates to remember. This way, you are able to easily make edits, erase or add anything with little hassle. For those who work well with visual aspects like myself, try using a different color marker for each class. This will help you visually see how much work you have for each class and determine what needs to get done first.

3. Make sure you have the right lighting!

Now you may be thinking, “lighting? What is so important about that?’ Well, ensuring that you have a work space with adequate lighting can be more beneficial than you think. Having sufficient lighting can help to reduce eyestrain and even help to keep you awake and focused. Even a sunny spot near a window can be very beneficial as well! You may even find good lightning to help with that mid work selfie to show people how much you’re grinding in your new BOMB workspace!


Kayla Smith

Hampton U '23

Kayla Smith is a sophomore journalism major from Columbia, MD. She enjoys writing, listening to music and traveling. She is very excited to be attending Hampton University and to expand her skills at her illustrious HBCU.
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