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On Tuesday September 29, 2015, Harlem’s Fashion Row kicked off it’s first ever college campus tour. Their very first stop? Hampton University.

Founder Brandice Henderson welcomed Hampton students that were eager to learn about business, media, fashion, and how they’re able to work together to produce great products and events. Brandice was joined by Wouri Vice, celebrity fashion stylist, Elaine Welteroth, health and beauty director at Teen Vogue, and Kimberly Goldson, fashion designer for an informative and very interactive panel discussion. 
Each extremely successful in their own right, the panelist dished real world advice and shared a little about their individual experiences that led them to where they are now. Their journeys were far from easy and they each made this very clear. For anyone looking for longevity in their careers, it’s going to take hard work, dedication and most importantly, passion. You must love what you do if you want to succeed. 
More than anything they wanted to make it very clear, if you’re interested in the fashion industry, it is imperative that you have thick skin. You can’t take anything personal. It’s all business. But fret not, hang in there because like Vice shared, “…learning not to take everything personal has truly helped me in my career.” 
As Harlem’s Fashion Row continues on to their remaining stops on this tour you can keep up with the conversation using the hashtags #HFRU and #BetterMatters. You can follow HFR @harlemsfashionrow.
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