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Happening in Black America: ” Dont touch my hair, dont touch my crown”


Who doesn’t want to know what is happening in Black America?From our hair to our skin we are just so poppin. These are the top four thing you absolutely need to know!

Solange recently released a 21 track album called A Seat at the Table. The album touches on it all; black hair, self love, and some personal experiences growing up. Dont Touch My Hair is one of the most popular songs because it something many girls can relate to. Too many girls don’t hear enough that their hair is beautiful, and not to let anyone disturb it. Solange worked so hard on this album for 4 years. She has features from Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne, and even Beyonce on this album. The Knowles sisters have really outdone themselves this year. “ Have a seat the table and drink this LEMONADE and let me tell you why my black is beautiful” @BeyoncesHubby

Marvel’s Luke Cage is a new Netflix original series. The lead actor is a Mike Colter and he told the Huffington Post that ,“The show about a super strong bulletproof black man is a nod to Trayvon Martin and other black men who have been killed by police…We wanted to pay homage to that it’s not something we are shying away from” Representation is so important in the media. Please go check this show out and support black TV.

The National African American Museum of History and Culture opened on September 24th in Washington, D.C. Outside of the occasion being so monumental and historic, a few things happened that made it just that more special. Tennessee State and Howard University’s band played during opening weekend, and Ruth Bonners the daughter of a slave cut the ribbon to open the museum. Some Twitter activists have put in perspective that this goes to show you that slavery really wasn’t that far away, if we are living on this Earth with a slave’s daughter. Unfortunately tickets to the museum are sold out until February, but be on the lookout for more tickets to be added.

A 90s Black Romantic Comedy will never steer you wrong. Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, The Best Man, and Love Jones are definitely classics. Some of them were so successful that there was talk of a sequel. There is no Love Jones sequel, but there is a musical! It is showing in New York, Philly, and Raleigh. 

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