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Hampton University Sued By Family For $15 Million After Sons Drowning

On March 20, students of Hampton University were stunned after a pool party for students at Holland Hall lead to the death of 17-year-old freshman, David Esan. Esan was allegedly found at the bottom of the pool unconscious as many students were leaving the party.

There was a lawsuit filed on August 8 claiming that Hampton is negligent for the safety that was provided during a school pool party. Because the family does not feel enough precaution had been taken during the incident, they are now suing the school for a whopping 15 million dollars.

According to the medical examiner his death was ruled to be an accidental drowning. This caused Esan’s parents to file a lawsuit that questions the lifeguards’ behavior. They allegedly stated that students were dunking each other’s heads underwater, which should not have been allowed by lifeguards. The Esans also complained that the lifeguards were “ignoring or flouting nationally recognized safety rules.”

The lawsuit also revealed that it was not one of the Red Cross certified lifeguards that pulled him out of the pool, but a student. David was pulled from the pool by a football player, leaving many to question why the lifeguards were not present.

 Hampton is also cited for not having a large enough lifeguard to student ratio. The party was allegedly covered by two lifeguards instead of the three needed by the number of students. This violates Hampton code.

Many students and family members continue to mourn over the tragic loss of David, while many wait for justice on his behalf.

Hampton University denies being at fault and asks that the case be dismissed. 

(Photos used in this article are from www.afro.com and seemydeath.com)

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