Hampton Man Crush: Quinton Burnett

Quinton Burnett is from Kansas City, Kansas and he is a Junior Finance major on the Pre- Law Track. Some of his on campus involvements include; Student Recruitment Team, Phi Alpha Delta pre law fraternity, Pre law society, captain for Debate and Forensics, and he is the newly crowned Mr. Delta Gent. After graduation he plans to attend law school and specialize in corporate law.

For those that don’t know Quinton he’s easy going, humorous, and just overall goofy. He's pretty confident in himself and is on the road to success. While he is still humorous he has a lot of wisdom to offer in everyday conversation.

HC: How important is Valentine's Day to you?

HMC: I don't know… Valentine's Day is cool, it’s not that important to me because it feel like more of a commercialized kind of thing. It's a nice day to let the person that you're with know that you love and care about them but you can do that everyday. You can get them a gift everyday, you can go out with them everyday. So Valentine's day just feels like another day.

HC:  Was anyone your valentines this year?

HMC: There was actually, it was a good day. She isn't here in Hampton but I did call and talk to her.

HC: If your significant other was here what would you have done for Valentines day?

HMC: I probably would have embarrassed her outside of class with like a big box of chocolates, a bear, and a balloon. I would get something that she would have to carry around all day or something that she would have to walk and talk to her car or dorm. Of, course after that we would probably go out for dinner.

HC: What’s your relationship status?

HMC: I’m spoken for, we don't necessarily have a title right now but i'm pretty much with someone.

HC: How important is commitment to you?

HMC: It's important to me because i feel like if you're going to be with someone be with that person. If you're not going to be committed to that person it makes no sense to get into a serious relationship with that person.

HC: Describe freshman year Quinton to Junior Year Quinton?

HMC: Freshman year Quinton was just a much wilder person. I loved going to parties and going out, as far as junior year Quinton he’s more focused and tamed, definitely calmed down a lot since getting to Hampton.

HC: What makes your relationship unique?

HMC: What makes it special is because right now we're doing the long distance thing, it's tough but it's not as hard as hard as a lot of people say it is because it's a serious thing and it's important and special to me.

HC: Long distance dating is kind of looked down upon or people say it doesn't really work. How do you make your long distance relationship work?

HMC: We talk everyday, and I don't focus on the negative aspect or comments. I go about my life as if it's a usual day. I still text, facetime, and call her, I’m not focused on what anybody else says.