Hampton Man Crush: Nyle Wilson

Ladies of Hampton, you requested him, so of course we had to snag an interview.  Meet Nyle Wilson a biology major from PG County, Maryland. He has high hopes to become a dentist then eventually own his own practice. He originally he went to Morehouse but quickly realized that it wasn’t the school that he thought it was. On campus at Hampton you probably rarely see him because he is focused on being a scholar and finding ways to improve his financial status. If you do see him walking around say hey because I promise you he isn’t shy at all.


HC: What is your preference a submissive or dominant female?

MC: I like them kind of in the middle you’re not going to dominate me cause I’m a dominant man. But then again you can’t be too submissive, I like a feisty female. I think that’s sexy honestly.

HC: You decide to make brunch/breakfast in bed for your girl, what are you cooking?

MC: Honestly I would give her an attempt at whatever she wants but I’m not too much of a chef myself so we can just go out for brunch and get whatever she wants you know. (Laughs)

HC: What’s the most awkward date that you’ve ever been on?

MC: I haven’t been on too many awkward dates but the most awkward that it can be for me is if she seems uninterested and is on her phone the whole time. I feel like if I’m on a date, I need your undivided attention because I’m trying to get to know you.

HC: Have you ever-experienced heartbreak if so what happened?

MC: Yes, I have I put my trust in someone who shouldn’t have had my trust honestly.

HC: Do you believe in once a cheater always a cheater?

MC: No, I feel like people definitely change and people definitely deserve second chances depending on their actions

HC: What attracts you to a girl the most?

MC: Personality wise I would say a female who knows her worth and has respect for herself and she carries herself like a respectable woman. Physical features-- I honestly like natural hair. I don’t like too much makeup and I honestly don’t care about the breast but I do like a nice body.

HC: What songs set the mood?

MC: (laughs) for the females honestly you could never go wrong with the throwback early 2000s r&b love songs, they get to rocking every time. Like Musiq Soulchild has some hits and I don’t care what anybody says Chris brown has some hits.

HC: Do you have a fetish?

MC: I really love a female with a feisty attitude; I don’t know why it’s just really attractive. Not necessarily a bad attitude but I talk a lot of mess so someone who can do it with me too and not take it to heart.

HC: Have you ever been caught with your significant other doing the do with another lover?

MC: Nah, I’ve never cheated on a female before honestly.

HC: In a relationship are you a giver or receiver?

MC: In a relationship I wouldn’t need anything really from her so I would probably be the giver

HC: What do you usually do to let a girl know that you are interested in her?

MC: I’m honest so if I’m interested in you I’m just going to let you know whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m not going to force it though; I’ll let you know them we can go from there.

HC: What are your thoughts on girls making the first move

MC: I like it honestly; you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I respect the shooter how are you gonna score if you don’t shoot. You’re not going to make all 100% of your shots but you can’t miss 100% either. It’s all love at the end of the day.

HC: What’s the longest relationship that you’ve been in?

MC: Probably like a year and a half but that’s when I was younger.  

HC: Have you ever ended a relationship via social media or text message?

MC: No, but I haven’t been in endless relationships either though.

HC: What’s not your type?

: I can’t rock with anyone who has no ambition or goals for themselves, someone who is going to try and control me, and a female who is always complaining. I don’t require too much as long as we can have a good time.