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Hampton Man Crush: Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson is a sophomore, Computer Science major from Prince Georges County, Maryland. Justin has a hustler ambition and is all about being successful and making money. Over the summer he started a business with some of his friends called the DMV’s Finest where they help the youth get clothing, sports gear, and uniforms. Their goal is to help kids ranging from elementary to high school. You can check out the website at thedmvsfinest.com.

HC: Who do you do it for?

JA: I’m grinding for my parents.

HC: Who’s your favorite artist right now?

JA: I really like Travis Scott right now.

HC: What is your personality like?

JA: I’m quiet. I don’t talk a lot but, I do a lot. I have to warm up to you, but if you talk to me I’ll talk back.

HC: Empire or Power

JA: Power

HC: What’s something you do that would surprise others?

JA: I like playing the piano to be honest. I like James Brown. That’s my favorite artist of all time. My favorite songs by him are “Pay Back,” “Please,” and “King Heroin.” I know all his stuff.

HC: What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?

JA: Lips first and personality wise, she has to be thinking about the right thing and have her head on straight. I like smart girls I don’t need a turn up queen. That’s just a preference though.

HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

JA: Taraji P. Henson

HC: What’s your relationship deal breaker?

JA: I hate crusty heels and dry elbows. That’s just nasty, I can’t. 

Ayo Sutherland is from Los Angeles California and she is currently a Sophomore Strategic Communications major, marketing minor at Hampton Univerisity. She enjoys doing water activities, loves listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Her main goal is to become a publicist and be know as the Olivia Pope of the Rap and Hip Hop industry and to be the best leader and role model to everyone. Her motto is, "Always remember that you are a not a yellow Starburst your a PINK ONE!" 
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