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Hampton Man Crush: Joshua Cook

This week’s Hampton Man Crush is Joshua “Josh” Cook, a first-year Journalism major from Chicago, Illinois. In his spare time, Josh enjoys drawing, watching movies, and spending time with his family. He aspires to be an animator, illustrator, director, designer, screenwriter, and actor. Josh believes through the support of his family and belief in God, he can accomplish anything. Keep reading to find out why Josh is our Man Crush for this week!


HC: What does being a Hampton man mean to you?

JC: Carrying yourself to the standard of excellence, and being committed to being the best at your craft. You want to stand out in whatever room you’re in, and Hampton produces people who are at the best at what they do and who are dedicated to making an impact. Of course, there’s also being a gentleman to women, holding the door, treating them with respect, things of that nature.

HC: What are three essentials that you can’t live without?

JC: My music, because it does a lot to inspire me. My art portfolio, because that’s literally my life’s work; it’s pretty much my pride and joy. Finally, my dog, Bumpy. They don’t lie when they say “Man’s Best Friend” he’s the funniest thing on earth.


HC: What is your dream job?

JC: I want to start a business in which I sell prints for my art, but also have my art printed on other things like stickers, hoodies, hats, etc. I really want to reach in all forms of entertainment, and start a studio for music, tv, and film.  


HC: What do you think the key is to make a relationship last?

JC: I think the relationship has to be 50/50, and both people have to be in the relationship for the right reasons. I also think that if your partner is like a best-friend to you the relationship will benefit off that bond. Commitment is also a huge key, you make can’t a relationship to last if you’re not devoted and committed to staying with your partner through anything.

HC: Are you single or taken?

JC: I’m taken.  

HC: What do you want to do with your Journalism degree?

JC: I want to go into graphic art/design and make logos. I want to draw for magazines and newspapers, and I want to make videos and short films.

HC: What do you love to do in your spare time?

JC: I love to draw, watch movies, listen to music, and of course sleep. I also used to run a tremendous amount in high-school. If I’m not doing that I’m usually around my friends and family.


HC: What makes you different from everyone else?

JC: No matter what adversity or hardships I face I remain positive and optimistic through it all. I think it’s important to look to the brighter side because that’s a good quality of leadership, and for me personally it keeps me going.


If you want to keep up with our Man Crush follow him on Instagram at @_jcook_

Twitter at @Kidfrom773 and Snapchat at @joshtheartist.

Anyaé Johns

Hampton U '21

Anyaé Johns is a graduating senior Journalism major/Leadership Studies and Cinema Studies minor from New Jersey. Anyaé is a part of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, HerCampus, NAACP, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Hampton Script. She is a writer and a mentor.
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