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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Ladies, meet Jordan Sharps – a senior English major with a concentration in film. This Maryland native is pretty lowkey so seeing him around campus is a treat. You may have seen Jordan in the writing center or caught him working on one of his short films after class. But if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet this cutie, we’ve got you covered. Her Campus got to see him this week and ask him a couple questions.

HC: What’s been your favorite memory here at Hampton? JS: I don’t have one favorite memory but I love the culture here. 12-2, hollands, stuff like that. And how everyone is full of energy. When I’m down, my friends and the positive vibes I get from the University bring me up.


HC: You said you’re a senior, what do you want to do after graduating?

JS: I want to be a screenwriter. I’m taking a year off for work and then hopefully I’ll go to graduate school.


HC: How’d you get into screenwriting?

JS: My first major was graphic design before I switched to English my sophomore year. But I’ve always loved movies and the idea of storytelling.


HC: Are you happy you changed your major? JS: Hell yeah. I was miserable in art/graphic design. And I always loved to write – screenwriting or regular essays. That’s just something I love and I’m good at it.


HC: What do you write about?

JS: Horror.


HC: Are these Jordan Peele vibes?

JS: No, I wouldn’t say Jordan Peele vibes… I like to give it my own twist. I’m actually writing a script right now about depression and it has some horror aspects in it.


HC: What’s your biggest pet peeve? JS: This is random but I hate people who smack when they eat. And I hate when people know they’re wrong but won’t admit it. I’ll call you out for that everytime.


HC: What is something that people are usually surprised to learn about you? JS: That I can be more open than you’d expect. Maybe off of first impressions, I might be shy or quiet but once I get to know you I’ll really open up. People usually tell me they’re surprised by that.


HC: Do you have an unpopular opinion?

JS: I usually go back and forth complaining about Hampton and liking it, but the overall Hampton experience was good for me. I got to go to California for an internship with UC Davis last summer because of Hampton. People ask me how Hampton was and when I look back on my experience, I have to say it was good.


HC: Name something you’re amazing at and something you struggle with.

JS: Something I’m amazing at… listening, observing how other people move, and just caring about their feelings. I really look after other people’s happiness. So something I struggle with is worrying about my own happiness I guess.


HC: Who are your favorite artists?

JS: Lil Skies, J Cole – he’s always been my favorite, Landon Cube, Sahbabii, Hoodrich Pablo Quan, Lil Uzi definitely, and Playboi Carti.


HC: I have to ask – how do you feel about Old Town Road by Lil Nas X?

JS: That’s my sh**. It’s surprising that I haven’t gotten sick of it because I play it all the time.


HC: Are you into country music?

JS: No, I’m not. I’ll listen to a little bit of rock, but country? Nah. This is the first country song I’ve ever gotten into – ever.


HC: Describe your style.

JS: My style is real laid back. Not to be cliche but I’m kinda lowkey. I’m not super popular and I don’t make myself known on campus.

HC: Any shameless plugs? Any upcoming projects?

JS: I’ll be filming my short film probably around the end of this month so be looking out for that.


You heard it here first! Watch out for Jordan’s newest short film and be on the lookout for his other projects. Keep up with our talented man crush on instagram @_yungnino_  


Cassie Herring

Hampton U '21

Cassie Herring is a graduating Senior English major from Woodbridge, Virginia. She is the current Senior Editor of Hampton University's HC Chapter. She is also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and Co-President of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. In her free time, she can be found writing poetry or listening to R&B. In the future, Cassie plans to earn her PhD and teach the collegiate level to empower the next generation of leaders.