Hampton Man Crush: Ja'Von Hart

This week’s Hampton Man Crush is different from the many that we have had. Yes, he is a man crush! Her Campus knows that many of you lovely ladies have been trying to figure out who he is and if he is even on the radar. Well we have all the answers to your questions. Ja’Von Hart is a P1 pharmacy student from Los Angeles California. Ja’Von currently serves as the historian for the Brother To Brother Mentoring Program. Along with the mentoring program he is a member of Student Support Services and he is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. Some of you may think that he doesn't have much to say when in fact he's actually pretty talkative if you get to know him. Ja’von is pretty chill and actually very talkative it all you have to do is start a conversation.

HC: Plans for the future?

HMC: Hopefully after I graduate pharmacy, I want to work retail before I go into a hospital pharmacy.

HC: What is the difference between a man and a boy?

HMC: A man is able to take full responsibility of his actions and deal with the consequences as they come. A boy plays games and beats around the bush, they kind of aren't about their business.

HC: What's the worst lie a female has ever told you before you were ever in a relationship?

HMC: Some one that I was previously dealing with said to be that she didn't sleep with one of my friends, when she actually did.

HC: What is relationship life like?

HMC: It's beautiful you find somebody who has the same goals and same passion as you. You find love in your best friend. I don't ever take it for granite I have somebody that i can share certain things with and that’s amazing.

HC: What makes your relationship unique?

HMC: The fact that we’ve known each other for quite sometime now, we were friends for almost 3 years before we got into a relationship so we had time to really get to know each other and become comfortable with one another before we took it to another level and i think that’s very important.

HC: What are the pros and cons of relationships?

HMC: Pros: You have somebody to share your life with someone that you genuinely care about and it's vice versa. Cons: There aren't really any of those.

HC: What is your type or do you have a type?

HMC: I have a type someone who can make me laugh, funny, outgoing, and ambitious. I need someone who is a go getter and someone who is independent.

HC: How do you politely curve women or girls that have tried to come onto you knowing that you are in a relationship?

HMC: I’m just simply honest, I say sorry i'm in a relationship and i appreciate it but you know, “thank you”

HC: How important is commitment to you?

HMC: I think it's the most important thing in a relationship without it there's nothing.

HC: What is your playlist?

HMC: migos, drake, and I like old school R&B too.

HC: What are some improvements within the african american community that you would like to see?

HMC: I think it's important for them to watch how they carry themselves to the public eye. It’s important to realize who they are. They're black queens and they need to know who they are.

HC: What attracted you to your girlfriend the most?

HMC: How very down to earth she is she’s just very relatable and I wa able to become her friend before we were even in a relationship.