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Hampton Man Crush: Homecoming Edition

We have switched the Hampton Man Crush this week! Instead of it being a current Hampton Student, we are introducing you to a Hampton Grad, and yes he can still be your crush ladies.

Theodore Garrett is a Hampton Alumnus from Glenn Dale Maryland. He initially came to Hampton to play golf but had to do a quick change to an education major when he found out there was no scholarship money for him to be on the golf team. While on Hampton campus he received a music scholarship for Hampton’s Band as a drum major of the Marching Force. Mr. Garrett realized that music was a passion and education was his calling.

Currently, he is a high school guidance counselor. Working at his alma mater was one of main goals, he wanted to give back to the school that helped shape him into the man that he is today.

HC: Name some of your craziest Hampton experiences?

HMC : One time for the old Hampton pre college legion parties there was a promo group called New Face that hosted them .They were like sweat boxes, my freshman songs were like “Wipe Me Down” and Soulja Boy “Crank That!”

HC: If you could give up one of your Hampton Experiences what would it be?

HMC: I really can’t say anything because good or bad the experience shaped me.

HC: If you were given a chance to give up 3 things in a relationship what would they be?

HMC: When a woman places her insecurities on me, women who are not intelligent, and entitlement you have to bring something to the table

HC: Do you believe in long distance relationships.

HMC: The distance paired with the time gets lost. I was in a relationship for 2 years and you lose sight of getting to really know a person.

HC: Your worst date. Describe it.

HMC: It was a girl that I actually wanted to pursue, her but when I took her to Chili’s for the 2 for $20, she was just dumb and had a high expectation for her dumbness. Usually my dates back then consisted of me picking up a girl from the back gate then going to the harbors so you can say I was pretty heartbroken.

HC: If you had a time machine what Hampton event would you go back to?

HMC: My first Norva party, the first party of the second semester was at the Norva theater in Norfolk, I can recall being in the student center and all you hear is, “Norva tickets get ya Norva tickets!” It was just lit!

HC: Has ideal your ideal woman changed?

HMC: Yes, it has changed to something that is less physical and more mental. Being at Hampton has desensitized me to a pretty face. We have to have mutual values, vibe together, and we need to believe in the same principles. You got to have the mental

HC: What is your current relationship status?

HMC: I currently am in a relationship with a fellow Hamptonian, she was a freshman when I was a senior. Last Cinco de Mayo I saw her and thought she was only in town for a weekend so I had to get her number. I knew she had a crush on me (laughs). I never had a chance to shoot my shot because she was younger. I gave her my number to see if she still had a crush on me a month later, we kicked it since.

HC: Any advice for the women of Hampton?

HMC: Take the time to know yourself and to know yourself worth and build yourself from within the the Hampton External materialistic confidence. I want these young queens to know their self worth build themselves from the inside.

HC: How romantic are you?

HMC: I am very romantic, I would say that I am treating my spouse how I would want to be treated.

Ayo Sutherland is from Los Angeles California and she is currently a Sophomore Strategic Communications major, marketing minor at Hampton Univerisity. She enjoys doing water activities, loves listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Her main goal is to become a publicist and be know as the Olivia Pope of the Rap and Hip Hop industry and to be the best leader and role model to everyone. Her motto is, "Always remember that you are a not a yellow Starburst your a PINK ONE!" 
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