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Hampton Man Crush: Dougie Martin

This week’s Hampton Man Crush is Douglas Martin, also known as  “Dougie” on campus. He’s clearly a charmer. Dougie is from Raleigh, North Carolina and is majoring is sports management. While here at Hampton, he has involved himself in the Psychology Club and is a part of the Student Recruitment Team. As a member of the Student Recruitment Team, he goes to high school campuses to recruit students and also gives tours of Hampton’s campus.

For the most part, Dougie is a pretty simple guy and doesn’t ask for too much. If you see him around campus, he says not to be afraid to say hello because, he is definitely a cool and approachable guy.

HC: What color describes you?

DM: Probably black, it goes with everything and my personality goes well with many personalities.

HC: Do you think you can find your spouse in college?

DM: I think it’s possible because my parents did. My parents met each other at Norfolk state and they got married. Everybody tells me I can’t leave Hampton with out a wife so I’ve got a couple years left find one.

HC: What’s wifey material?

DM: She has to have a good personality. I can’t see my self with some one who doesn’t. I’m funny so I need someone to laugh with me and to laugh at my jokes.

HC: What’s something you’ve tried but never want to try again?

DM: Sushi! I will never try sushi again, especially since its raw. It just doesn’t taste right.

HC: Are you a trench coat or sweater type of guy?

DM: Sweaters, they’re more comfortable. I rather be more comfortable than anything.

HC: What do you want to do?

DM: I want to become a sports agent.

HC: What’s the dream life for you?

DM: A wife and two sons, I don’t want any daughters. I want sons so that they can carry my last name. I just want success in all aspects of life, not just in my pockets. 

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

DM: Lauren London

HC: What’s your type of girl?

DM: I don’t necessarily have “a type.” I don’t prefer light skin or dark skin, none of that, if you’re cute you’re cute.

HC: What’s your biggest turn off?

DM: Bad hygiene, if you stink-I can’t.

HC: What’s the first thing you notice on a woman?

DM: Lips and personality, I just want her to have her head on straight.

HC: What is something that people wouldn’t expect to learn about you?

DM: I like jazz. I have a lot of jazz CD’s that I listen to in the car but only when I’m by my self not with anyone else. 

Ayo Sutherland is from Los Angeles California and she is currently a Sophomore Strategic Communications major, marketing minor at Hampton Univerisity. She enjoys doing water activities, loves listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Her main goal is to become a publicist and be know as the Olivia Pope of the Rap and Hip Hop industry and to be the best leader and role model to everyone. Her motto is, "Always remember that you are a not a yellow Starburst your a PINK ONE!" 
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