Hampton Man Crush: Dallas Thompson

Dallas Thompson is a junior computer science major leadership studies minor from Long Island, New York. He can be described as quiet and kind of standoffish but overall he’s just a handsome nerdy guy who loves to code and deal with computer software. He is a member of the Association of Computer Machinery, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and he is on the Men’s Lacrosse team at Hampton University.

There isn’t anything too complex or complicated when it comes to Dallas, he’s straight forward and simply loves to stay cool, calm, and collected. He has a good head on his shoulders and is already has a plan on the route that he hopes his life will go.  Ladies don’t be shy he just might be the one to upgrade your life….

HC: What are some of your hobbies?

HMC: I write code, play video games, and I play Lacrosse

HC: Where do you see yourself in three years?

HMC: I see myself either in grad school pursuing my master’s degree in computer science or working at a large corporation like Google or Facebook.

HC: What are your favorite and most annoying qualities about yourself?

HMC: I would say my hesitation to talk to new people is what I don’t like about myself, I sometimes can be hesitant to put myself out there. I like my overall charisma, once I get to know you its not hard for me to talk to you or hold a conversation.

HC: How important is success to you?

HMC: Very important, my parents have pushed me from a vey young age to be the very best that I could be that’s pretty much why I came to Hampton I saw the opportunities that were available to me in computer science and lacrosse.

HC: What’s something that you do that would surprise others?

HMC: Actually how kind of nerdy  I am, like writing code I love genuinely love it. Its creating software building websites I can do all of that.

HC: What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?

HMC: How she carries herself, the way she talks, and the way she acts. I can gather a lot of information about her simply by the way she carries herself.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

HMC: Jennifer Lawrence

HC: What’s your relationship deal breaker?

HMC: Being too presed, when you always in my face or your just too clingy.

HC: Describe your personality

HMC: I would say cool, calm, and collected.

HC: Do you think its possible to find your spouse in college?

HMC: Definetly, im actually a product of some love that happened at Hampton University. My sister is also got married to someone at Hampton University

HC: What’s your ideal relationship

HMC: someone that I could just chill with, you know somebody that I can just chill and watch movies with.