Hampton Man Crush: Christian Johnson

Christian Johnson is a Junior business marketing major from Philly. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Gentelligence mentoring program, and the junior class committee. Many of you lovely Hampton ladies said that he was so cute and adorable so we pulled some strings and snagged a interview. HC:  What do you wear in bed?

HMC: I usually wear some like polo pajama pants or shorts and a shirt.

HC: What is your current relationship status?

HMC: I am currently single.

HC: What is your most favorite body part on a woman and why?

HMC: I'm going to go with the neck.

HC: What is your biggest turn on and what is a turn off?

HMC: My biggest turn on would be probably someone that can keep a very intimate conversation going without it being to weird or awkward. My biggest turn off would be someone who can't be themselves around me, their vibe is just off.

HC: What do you think are your top three assets?

HMC: I would have to say my personality, my commitment, and me being able to make someone feel special.

HC: If given a chance which female actress would you take away for the weekend?

HMC: Definitely would have to go with Karrueche Tran.

HC: Define a sexy woman?

HMC: A sexy woman is someone who can shine without even realizing their shining, and someone who is just intellectual.

HC: Do you take a woman’s body count into consideration if you begin to talk?

HMC: No, because i feel everybody makes mistakes and everyone has someone they wish that they never dealt with.

HC: Are you currently looking for love or are you waiting for it to come to you?

HMC: I'm not actively searching, while i am looking i'm not pressed. If it happens it happens.

HC: How do you honestly feel when girls call you adorable?

HMC: I honestly like it because i'm honestly ahead in the game you know. Like i'm already in the game, I have one up.