Hampton Man Crush: Christian Ebuchulam

Hey Ladies!


This week’s man crush is Christian Ebuchulam, a second year, nursing major from Manassas, Virginia. Christian is a member of the Honors College program at Hampton and loves basketball. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this cutie!


HC: Hi Christian. What made you choose Hampton University and more specifically, your major?

Christian: The reason I chose Hampton really was because my mom told me to. She told me that an HBCU experience was like nothing else so I was like alright, I’ll give it a shot. And between all the HBCUs I got into, Hampton was the only one who showed me love in terms of scholarships. And with my major… that’s even more of an “I don’t know.” I started off with business, then I switched to kinesiology, then to bio pre-med, and then I ended up in nursing and once again, they showed me love. So I feel like all of my decisions are based on people showing support and love. 


HC: What’s your favorite thing about Hampton and what is one thing you would change?

Christian: My favorite thing about Hampton is just seeing Black people trying to succeed. Where I’m from there’s not that many African Americans who want to go on and do bigger things so coming to an HBCU, it’s been nice to see that. There’s more people like me who want to contribute to the world. 

And the biggest thing that I would change is everybody’s attitude. Like, this school could be POPPIN if people would just relax. I feel like it’s such a tense vibe sometimes.


HC: What are your plans after graduation and where do you see yourself in five years?

Christian: Hm… well I kind of just like to live in the present so, to be honest, I could say I see myself as a licensed practitioner nurse, at my own hospital, doing big things. But life is so unexpected, so I’m gonna really just roll with it, and wherever I end up is where I end up. 


HC: If you could date one celebrity who would it be and why?

Christian: *sighs* Wow, I gotta give a top five forreal. So first, we’re gonna go with Rihanna, cause that’s a given. Then Ashanti, Beyonce, Nia Long… but only Nia Long when she was in her Will Smith days, you know what I’m saying? That’s the Nia I really rock with. And five… Nicole Murphy.


HC: So you seem like a pretty confident guy. What’s one piece of advice you would give someone who struggles with their self-esteem? 

Christian: My biggest piece of advice for confidence is you just gotta believe in you. It feels corny to say but like really, nobody is gonna rock with you harder than how you rock with yourself. If you’re not even rocking with yourself, you really are already losing before you even start. So my biggest thing is just do whatever makes you happy and just live your life.


HC: Do you believe in sex on the first date/do you think it’s ever too soon to have sex?

Christian: Umm… sex on the first date for me? I don’t really think you should be looking for it. If you’re vibing with the person and y’all have a good connection, then go ahead, but I don’t really think there should be pressure on either side to have sex that first night. Cause you never know what people got, or if they can be trusted. People could have a whole man, or girlfriend, and now you’re caught up in something you didn’t want to be caught up in. So for me, I kinda like to take it slow. I don’t like throwing myself out there. I just learned not to be thirsty with it.


HC: So since you’re a Hampton Man Crush, if a girl had a crush on you how would you want her to approach you about it? And I’m gonna need you to answer this SO well because all of us females really want to know how to approach dudes about it.

Christian: Shoot… A little bit of confidence. I don't mind reading stuff. Either you let me know what’s up, or ima just keep it pushing. So, forreal, shoot that shot. Let me know if I have a chance. I just need some kind of sign. So if a girl has a crush on me… let me know. That’s what I need. 


HC: But does that make us look too thirsty?

Christian: So what? Dudes look thirsty all the time, why can’t you all look thirsty for once? Look, as many shots as y’all reject, you gotta put some up. 


You heard that ladies? So as we go into the new year, SHOOT THAT SHOT. You never know what the outcome may be. 😏