Hampton Man Crush: Andrew Wilborn

Meet Andrew Wilborn, a junior Strategic Communications Major, Military Science minor from Manassas, Virginia. This cutie serves as Vice-President for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and serves as SGA Vice Chair of Academic Affairs.


HC: What do you want to do after you graduate?

AW: After I graduate, I plan on taking a year off to work in my field. Then study for LSAT and go to law school. It's between Georgetown or UCLA. I want to join the ROTC at Georgetown and have them pay for my education and serve in the air force. After I’m done with the air force, I plan on doing legal consulting for athletes and entertainers. I may want to become an agent as well. We’ll see.


HC: What is your worst characteristic?

AW: *Adjust self* I overthink and sometimes I don’t think AT ALL


HC: What are some improvements within the African American community that you would like to see?

AW: I would like to see more focus on academics than just in sports. I want to see confidence in children when it comes to them being in school. Young black children shouldn't grow up thinking just sports is the only way out.


HC: One place you want to go that you’ve never been?

AW: I never been out the country. I would want to go to Japan.


HC: Why Japan?

AW: Their culture is so diverse, and it has its good energy to it. Entertainment and fashion are different.


HC: What would you say is your best physical characteristic?  

AW: My smile. Andrew adds on that he has never had a cavity or braces.


*We love great teeth*


HC: What or who motivates you?

AW: Fear of failure motivates me. Also, letting people down. That motivates me to always make sure I’m on point.


HC: Is there anything about yourself that you want to change or improve on?

AW:I want to change just knowing one language. I want to get more involved with other cultures. Read more become more culturally involved.


HC: What language?

AW: Chinese or Mandarin or French


HC: What do you like to do? Hobbies?

AW: I like to listen to a lot of music for hours all day. I like to hike in the woods. I love to cook.

HC: What’s your biggest pet peeve and why?

AW: My biggest pet peeve is sugar coating things. I’m a pretty straight forward person for the most part.  


HC: Describe your ideal date?  

AW: Where the weather is nice. Nighttime… sunset. We take a drive to a nice city and take her somewhere we can walk around and get know each other. Go get dinner. Let her order anything she wants. Get dessert there or somewhere else and just spend quality time.


HC: What is the difference between a man and a boy?

AW: A man is someone who understands their responsibilities completely and that is the responsibilities they have for themselves and others.  A boy is someone that acts impulsively and aren’t aware of other feelings.


HC: Single, Taken, It’s complicated?

AW: Single


HC: Are you a giver or receiver?

AW: Giver


HC: Describe your perfect girl physically?

AW: I don’t care about skin tone but black girl, beautiful smile really beautiful smile. Pretty eyes. Doesn’t wear makeup all the time. Nice lips. Nice figure. Shorter than me.


HC: Which is better to listen to your heart or your brain?


AW: It’s better to listen your brain even though I don’t always do that


HC: Do you believe in love at first sight?

AW: Yeah.


HC: How should someone approach you if they have a crush on you?

AW: Direct approach.


HC: What’s your zodiac sign?

AW: Virgo.


HC: What are your plans for spring break?

AW: Miami or L.A.


We hope you loved getting to know this week’s Man Crush just as much as we did! Keep an eye out for this #HMC at events on campus!