Hampton Man Crush: Aaron Floyd

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a HMC so to start the new year off right we have a younger HMC. That doesn’t mean that you ladies can’t say what’s up to him because he’s for sure going to be a Hampton favorite! Aaron Floyd is a freshman Architect major. You may have seen his older brother as a Hampton Man Crush but it’s now his time to shine. Aaron is from Newport News, and has high hopes of leaving his mark on Hampton University’s campus.  

HC: Would you rather be invisible or have X-Ray vision?

HMC: Probably invisible, you know it would be lit if no one could see me from time to time

HC: Which is better to listen to your heart or your brain?

HMC: Your heart because you think off of emotions when it comes from the brain. With your heart it's like how you truly feel.

HC: What’s your current relationship status?

HMC:  I’m single I’m not dating anybody at all.

HC: What are your three weaknesses?

HMC: Probably believing people I’m not good at that, listening sometimes, and staying focused.

HC: Do you think Hampton women underestimate you because you’re a freshman?

HMC: Yes they do, they all want to claim me as a little when honestly I’m on the same level as them I’m just a freshman (laughs)

HC: Is breaking up really hard to do and why?

HMC: For me it is because if I cuff you that clearly meant that I liked you a lot.  I don’t just cuff anybody so if we break up it’s like a part of me went away.

HC: Would you consider yourself a romantic?

HMC: Well in college it’s different you can’t really do much but back home its different. I’d probably take a girl out to eat, go to the beach and chill.

HC: Do you believe in once a cheater always a cheater?

HMC: Yea, I do believe in that because if you cheat it’s like you’ve done it before so you’ll for sure do it again.

HC: Do you have type?

HMC:  Now, when I was in high school I used to only like light skin girls but now I like brown skins now. I like brown skins a lot! Oh and a pretty smile and they need to know how to dress.

HC: What’s your biggest turn on and turn off?

HMC: Turn off; bad teeth I cannot fade and lying I can’t stand liars. A turn on would be when a girl kisses on my neck. (Laughs)