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Halloween Party Costumes for Black Couples That Will Make You Laugh

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to pop out in a cool, trendy couple costume with your BOO! Movies, music, and television shows have always been the biggest inspiration for couple halloween costumes. The Joker + Harley Quinn, Superman + Lois Lane, and Tinkerbell + Peter Pan are some popular ones I’ve seen in the past. Those ideas are super cute and all, but I would love to see more representation of black couples and their Halloween costumes, so without further ado, here are 5 costume ideas that you and your HBCU boo can rock this Halloween!


  1. Alicia Keys and her Coffee House Hero, Micheal.


Running it back to the early 2000s, I’m sure you are all familiar with Alicia Keys’ ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ along with the renowned music video. I can still remember listening to the song until I knew the words to the phone call Alicia made, “I know girls don’t usually do this but, I was wonderin’ if maybe we could get together outside the restaurant one day?” 

To pull off this iconic look you will need a cute collared waitress outfit that resembles Alicias, a notepad + pen to take orders on, and a restaurant menu to carry around. Second, find you a tall dark skinned man with a blue suit and gold cufflinks and you’re all set! I guarantee you will be the only one at the party rocking this costume. You’ll have everyone thinking you and your boo really met at the coffee shop on 39th and Lennox!



  1. The Black Power Couple


Channel your inner Angela Davis and pop out as a black activist with your man this halloween. Considering the political climate of today’s society being against African Americans, what better than dressing up as a black superhero for the night with the love of your life. Grab some all black attire, dark sunglasses, and as much leather as you can find. Make sure you and your man’s hair are in the biggest afros possible. If you want to be creative, throw a few lines of black paint under your eyes like a warrior. You and bae will rid the streets of white supremacy on the way to the  Halloween party. Remember, nothing is more attractive than a black power couple!



  1. Love and Basketball


Get into this cute and timeless costume based on the classic film Love & Basketball featuring our favorites, Miss Sanna Lathan and the handsome Omar Epps. With this stupid easy outfit, you can be the coolest couple at the party with minimal effort. The key pieces to this costume are very accessible, in fact you probably have a basketball somewhere in your garage and you can always borrow one of your hubby’s practice jerseys. The male portion of the costume is super easy as well, he more than likely has basketball shorts and jerseys all throughout his closet. You don’t even have to worry about shooting your shot this Halloween because you already bagged him! 



  1. Poetic Justice: A Street Romance


EVERYBODY has seen or at least knows about the cinematic masterpiece, Poetic Justice. Tupac as Lucky had all of us wishing our mailman was that fine. For this costume your boyfriend will need a mailman outfit which you can probably find at your local Halloween shop. Alternatively, if you want him to be Lucky on his day off, you’ll need an oversized baseball jersey, some jeans, and a hat twisted to the back; either look works perfect for the occasion. To look like Justice, throw on a fitted crop top, and some mom jeans but make sure you have the waist length box braids! Those are the most important aspect of the costume. 



  1. Penny and 15 Cent


We were all surprised when young Penny went on a date with somebody and even more surprised that he was a rapper named 15 Cent. This costume will bring your friends nostalgia and giggles while they recount the TV shows from their childhood. Put your hair in two pigtails and wear a yellow shirt with a brown skirt. Make sure your boyfriend has a foil grill if not a real one, a yellow shirt, and baggy blue jeans. A hat and a gold chain will suffice for accessories but make sure he says, “I like yo attitude Penny Proud, with yo ponytails” to you at least 5 times before the night is over – it’s only right!


Hey beautiful people! I am Madison Williams, second-year Journalism major from Dallas, Texas and I am studying at the illustrious Hampton University. I love to use writing as my creative outlet and I am so happy to be apart of HerCampus so I can put my writing skills to good use!
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