Guns Down, America

If you weren’t aware, the United States has more public mass shootings than any other country in the world. Furthermore, young people in this generation have lived through multiple tragedies that have impacted our lives and views of America. Some of us may know victims, lived in the town where the shooting occurred, or simply gathered around a TV watching live news reporting. Whatever it may be, we have all experienced these unforeseen events. As prevalent as this issue has become, what will be the next steps taken to prevent future casualties? Will we continue to face this problem and watch our children go through the same things or will the government make laws stricter regarding guns? It’s time for us to receive answers to ensure the safety of our nation.

In recent news of the October 1st Las Vegas shooting, discussion of gun violence and gun laws have increased with all eyes on Donald Trump who is a strong supporter of the right to bear arms. Of course, he denied questions pertaining to gun violence including a bill that was introduced to ban guns that were used in the recent shooting. Although it is unheard of in other countries, American citizens have more access to firearms which makes the copycat phenomenon more likely to happen. Because of that, a mass killing could occur as well as an, “infection” meaning it could possibly happen again within the next ten days.

Although gun laws vary from state to state, the possession of an unregistered machine gun can result in fines and prison sentences up to 10 years. In other states, where laws aren’t as strict, people have more leeway in terms of their gun possession. States like Connecticut, who has the greatest possession of machine guns, has a detailed law that states parts of a machine gun must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Those weapons that are in the hands of law enforcement must also be registered with this federal agency.

It’s time for a different approach regarding gun violence in the United States being that current approaches are not effective. As a country, we need to realize that gun violence is affecting not only us but future generations as well. The misuse of firearms could be prevented if lawmakers act quickly to amend laws that were initially established to protect us. Continued destruction should not be what it takes to generate a change within this country. Likewise, there is more to being free in America than granting lenient gun laws and owning firearms; as for now, guns down America.

Source: CNN