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Gun Laws Propose Arming Teachers

Imagine this, you’re in class, minding your business and all of a sudden two boys start horseplaying. This happens pretty much every day, but today it was different. Your teacher has gotten fed up with their shenanigans. He calmly tells them once to calm down, but they don’t listen. He tries again, and still no luck. Then boom, he pulls out his gun which forces them to freeze and suddenly be obedient.

Yes, that seems a bit extreme, but this is something that goes through people’s minds when they hear that teachers could potentially obtain a gun. There are just some teachers who do not need to have a gun in their possession at all times. In addition, some of the best teachers I know wouldn’t even be comfortable having a gun.What if your teacher was having a bad day that day? What if he hates his job and today is the day he lets loose? One can never know what is going through someone’s head or what they are capable of. Yes, teachers should be trustworthy and responsible adults, but just because that is our expectation, doesn’t mean that is the reality of it all.

All over the country, students are speaking out against this issue. There have been multiple peaceful protests which include student walkouts. It is a shame that the government can’t listen to the voices who are being directly impacted. We expect these officials to be concerned for the lives of children rather than the money that the NRA contributes. In reality, it makes sense to have better, stricter gun laws than to have more guns. If gun laws are strengthened then the number of school shootings will decrease. Instead of making teachers do a job they did not sign up for, the government needs to work toward the protection of children and the future of the world.

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