Growing Up With A Single Mother

“Don’t Forget Whose Child You Are”

I grew up hearing this phrase almost every day of my life by my mom. She would tell me this in times when I was scared, frustrated, or nervous about hearing some news. She would tell me this to remind me of the strength I had inside of me, because I got that strength and bravery from watching her all these years growing up. My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old and my dad continued to stay in my life and was an extreme role model, but I’ll never forget watching my mom take on a lot of things by herself. I knew she would handle a lot of burdens and struggles that were meant for both parents such as paying the mortgage, buying food, and even sometimes paying for my tuition. I would see all the things she would go through but she would never let me see her suffer because she would constantly tell me everything is going to be okay because she knew she always had God on her side. 

Despite going through many challenges in life, My mom always made sure I had what I needed. She never wanted me to go without, and she made sure I was taken care of. Whether it was overpacking my lunch box with snacks that I would never eat in middle school or even making sure my hair was done properly for Prom. She always put me first and that’s something I will always be grateful for. She made sure to remind me that just because something is not going as planned in your life, always keep your head up and keep moving forward. My mom was the first person in my life to show me what a leader looked like and she exemplifies everything I want to be in a woman and more. 

Even though my mom was a single mom, She did not let that hinder her from being an excellent mom and role model in my life. She showed me strength, resilience, confidence, leadership, and most importantly, love. My mother is my best friend and my rock and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She taught me so many things even if it’s as small as how to rock red lipstick with any outfit or something major like how I should always love myself. She not only showed me how to be an amazing woman, but she showed me how to be an amazing mom as well.