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Greek Of The Week: Justin Agudosi

Justin Agudosi is a energetic and charismatic graduating 4th year 5 year MBA major from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Justin is a Spring 2016 initiate of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporate, of the Gamma Iota chapter. He is also the treasurer of his chapter, so ladies he knows how to handle his money!


HC: What initially sparked your interest in becoming a Alpha Phi Alpha man?

JA: My parents aren’t Greek at all so everything I learned came from being on campus, I noticed the people I got close to throughout the years a lot of them were crossing. They were well rounded individuals who I saw in leadership positions that made me aspire to be an Alpha Man.

HC: Do you think you’ve become more popular?

JA: All of my friends before crossing remain my friends, but for my exposure to campus I am more well known, but people may not know me on a personal level.

HC: Do you think you’ve changed since becoming an Alpha male?

JA: In terms of my character no, I’m still the same person but it is no longer just about me, at the end of the day all of my actions fall back on Alpha. I have to think about something greater than myself. I represent my fraternity and they represent me.

HC: Have ladies started taking more interest in you since crossing?

JA: Females have definitely been more bold, I get asked for my number more often now.

HC: Do you think girls are more willing to put out for you now?

JA: I don’t think it’s just because of Alpha … I mean yeah, but I still keep my standards high, as a Hampton Man.

HC: Would you prefer your girl to be Greek as well?

JA: It does not matter to me. Justin don’t discriminate!

HC: Do you think it’s harder or easier to be faithful as new initiates?

JA: I do but I commend my brothers who are faithful, and I learn from them how to resist temptation.

HC: How would you feel if a girl who’s “talked” to more than one of your line brothers was now interested in you?

JA: … Can’t fade.

HC: Are you currently single?

JA: Yes I am.

HC: Are you looking?

JA: I am currently looking.

HC: Do you think you’re a good stroller?

JA: I do, I come from a place where we dance a lot. My favorite move is ‘Get Up’, the moves we hit to Stick Talk.

HC: What do you say to people who have negative attitudes toward Greeks and Greek life?

JA: I challenge them to expand their horizons aside from the social scenes, 12-2’s, and Hollands, there is more to being Greek than that. Talk to the individuals of the organization about how being Greek has broadened their network and given the opportunities of community service, professional development, and interacting with older members for career advice.

HC: What are some things you’re excited to see your organization accomplish this academic year?

JA: We are excited to bring back old events with new twists like Pink Bowl and Alpha Cab. We have new events down the pipeline that I think the Hampton Community is really going to enjoy. Follow our chapter Instagram page to stay up to date @gammaiota1906 and follow me personally on Snapchat to get to know me better @SnapItzJace.

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