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Greek of the Week: Dominique Corprew

This week’s Greek of the Week is Dominique Corprew! He is a Business Administration major from Portsmouth, Virginia, and he is also Spring’ 17 initiate of the Beta Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. Her Campus got the chance to sit down with Dominique to learn more about him:

HC: What is your funniest memory with your line brothers?

DC: My funniest memory….I can’t really answer that just because it’s a lot, too many to count. [But] probably when my LB Jayso’n Davis sang the first time out loud, or when Malachi first impersonated Steve Harvey.

HC: Has being Greek influenced your dating life?

DC: It has, in negative and positive ways. I kind of don’t want to go into detail, but it definitely has.

HC: What is your favorite thing to do for community service?

DC: My favorite is actually with the Gentelligence Program on campus. It’s where we go to middle schools and we go help out little kids as far as mentoring them and playing sports with them and teaching them how to grow up and become successful young men.

HC: Were there any times where you felt like being a Kappa wasn’t for you? And if so, what held your motivation?

DC: I’m not going to say that it wasn’t a time because I really wanted to do it, knowing the fact my uncle is a member of the fraternity and him being a huge influence on my life. I would always talk to him and be with him growing up, he was like a role model to me. But back to my motivation, I don’t really have a motivational piece really I just knew what I wanted and that I was going to achieve the goal of becoming a member.

HC: What was your deciding factor when choosing Kappa?

DC: When I first came to Hampton I really thought I was not going to be a Kappa. At first, I didn’t understand what it was all about until I sat down and talk with my uncle and also seeing members around campus like Cdub, Murph, AJ, etc. Also, he [my uncle] took care of me a lot when my dad wasn’t really in the picture, so you know he’s pretty much my inspiration behind doing it.

HC: If you were not apart of Greek life, what would you be known as?

DC: Just being me. I don’t know. That’s for other people to decide, I just hope it’s positive. What I would want people to know about me is that I am a Christian, and I have a caring personality also having a heart for others.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

DC: I see myself being a mortician, and me running my family business. That’s really all I want to do. And having a family and being a helpful impact in the community like my grandfather was.

HC: How do you balance running a business and being a full-time student?

DC: It is a lot but not that much I won’t ever be able to handle. Being the face of the franchise and the official owner I do have to be there a lot. At first, I didn’t understand how I would balance this when I first came to Hampton because I was supposed to go straight to mortuary school but God had other plans and made me understand that He has given me something that a lot of other people do not have. It’s very humbling and a lot of pressure knowing that this business is coming up on its 100 year anniversary next year.

HC: How do you feel about the Fraternity being suspended?

DC: Honestly, I have a scripture that symbolizes how I feel and that is Romans 8:18. But I feel like it’s in God’s hands. It’s nothing we can do. Just pray for better days.

HC: Do you have any siblings?

DC: Yes, I have a 6-year-old sister named Madisyn, a 30-year-old brother named Shawn, a stepsister named Kyla, and a stepbrother named Clifton who is 17.

HC: So having younger sisters, what do you tell them about guys who are involved in Greek Life?

DC: Honestly, my sister isn’t really that old enough, but when she is I am going to tell her to stay away and stay focused on her studies.

HC: Is there anyone in your fraternity that you look up to?

DC: I look up to 2 people. I look up to my uncle, Barry Faulks  He is an initiate at Eta Xi VCU Chapter. I felt like I have talked about him enough in this interview, and I also look up to one of my big bros, BX Spring ’14, Charles Williams also known as KC.

As you can see Dominique is a well rounded, intelligent, and independent young man. He is on the way to great success! Be sure to to follow Dom on Instagram @dcorprew11,

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