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Picture for Greek of Week Article, boy sitting on the Greek plots at school in a suit
Picture for Greek of Week Article, boy sitting on the Greek plots at school in a suit
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Greek of The Week: Orza Robertson II

Everyone, I am honored to introduce our Greek of the Week: Mr.Orza Robertson II! Orza is a 3rd year Sports Management major with an emphasis in marketing from Detroit, MI. He is a Spring’21 Initiate into the Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Orza currently serves on the e-board for his chapter as the fundraising chair and sergeant at arms. Orza’s favorite stroll songs are Wipe Me Down and Stick Talk. In his free time, Orza enjoys looking for new music and artists, shopping, and he is also a sports enthusiast. 

What made you choose Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.?

From a young age, I was always surrounded by Alphas, so that had a big influence on my decision. My father is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., so I kind of already knew where my head was before I went to college. In high school, I participated in an Alpha mentor/mentoree program and it helped me learn more about the brotherhood. The program helped me develop leadership qualities and helped me grow as a young man before I got to Hampton. As I continued to grow, I started to understand more of what the fraternity meant, their missions and aims, the different objectives they stand on. I did more research myself, and I was more intrigued. So, once I got to Hampton, I was impressed by the work of the brothers of the Gamma Iota chapter. I was able to see the genuine brotherhood amongst them, the actual work they put in, their campus presence, and the way they carried themselves around campus. They built a strong brand and image that I knew I wanted to be a part of.

What do you think makes Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. so distinct from the other D9 fraternities?

First, I would like to say this, and this is a very important quote to us, “To be an Alpha man means more to wear a pin…”. Just from that statement, it’s more than just having the honor to wear these letters every day for the rest of our lives. Alphas also take community service very seriously. We genuinely like to serve the community and make a difference in the community that we live in every day. Next, it would have to be how we focus on bettering ourselves as young, black men as a whole also separates us from other D9 fraternities. “Being the better making of a man” in my organization, we are developing leaders and promoting black excellence as a whole. Something we’re taught from the first day is that it’s not about what the organization can do for you but really about what you can put into it. Last but certainly not least, we pride ourselves on academic excellence and scholarship. You got to have the GPA to be an Alpha man, it’s essential. 

What is one thing that you believe makes you unique?

I have two things. First, I know this is a typical and pretty vague answer, but my personality as a whole. I don’t think my personality is necessarily something you’re going to find anywhere else besides with me. I’m very sociable and approachable. I feel like in a lot of young men nowadays, that’s not something you come across too easily. I love to put a smile on someone’s face and bring the good out of someone. So, I look at it as a blessing in life to come off that way to people. Secondly, it would have to be my sense of fashion. I think I really know how to put things together well. I feel like I think very out of the box with a lot of the pieces I pick out and how I end up styling them. 

What is your favorite memory you have while being a part of your fraternity?

I would probably have to say the Alpha cookout we had at the beginning of the year, was a lot of fun for me. Also, the entire Alpha Week we had last semester, especially Train Like An Alpha; shout out to my winning team (Majestic Dance Troupe). The founder’s day yard show we had that week was also a highlight for me too, I really enjoyed that. Finally, the annual Homecoming step show this year was a great experience for my brothers and me. 

Next, do you think you have any pet peeves?

I necessarily wouldn’t say I have too many because I don’t really care what other people do, I’m very chill, so not too much really irritates me. But if I had to say one, it would probably be when I can see or sense it’s something wrong with someone, and they continuously say it’s nothing, but it’s clearly something wrong with them. People like that I tend to stay away from because if it’s something wrong, we can easily talk about it and work it out. But constantly acting like nothing is wrong and having weird energy with me is a no. So yeah, that would probably be my one and only. 

I know you’re really into fashion and shoes, do you have any favorite designers or favorite shoes?

Yes, most definitely. I would say my favorite designers are definitely Sean Witherspoon (I’ve been watching him since 10th grade, he’s great), Virgil Abloh, and Nigo. My favorite shoes would have to be my Rick Owens, and quote me on this “I had Rick Owens before tik tok had Rick Owens”. Like before they got big and started trending, I knew I had to buy myself a pair and I did and they’re definitely my favorite shoe in my collection. Then I would have to say definitely the Bapestas, but specifically the Road Sta. 

What are your career goals and aspirations in life?

I definitely want to work professionally in the sports world, whether that’s doing marketing for a professional sports team or marketing for an athletic brand, such as Nike or Adidas. That’s definitely what I see myself getting into after college. My big aspiration in life would probably have to be managing an artist one day. The lifestyle seems great and it would be amazing to experience working behind the scenes for an artist. 

What would you say your biggest achievement in life is so far? 

I would definitely say buying my first car by myself. I worked hard for the money I used to buy it, and I did it all on my own- financed it, the down payment, everything. It made me feel very accomplished to do that for myself. 

Anything you’re looking forward to this spring semester at Hampton?

Definitely the freshman fashion show, I’m a coach this year, so I can’t wait to see the final result and see how everything plays out. I’m excited for the other big events that are going to happen this semester, and to see Hampton return back to its true self. 

Hey, my name is Taliah Muhammad. I am a third year International Studies major on the Pre-Law track at the illustrious Hampton University. I love to style outfits for people and discuss politics! I’m very excited to be apart of the Hampton U chapter of Her Campus this year, and I can’t wait to see everything we accomplish!
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