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GoldLink’s “Random” Instagram Post Detailing His Relationship/Issues With Mac Miller

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Upcoming DMV rapper, D’Anthony Carlos, better known as GoldLink,  has been receiving backlash and criticism since Tuesday Night when he took to Instagram to provide more insight on his relationship with recently departed rapper, Mac Miller. Within his post GoldLink stated that not only was he not surprised that his friend died but he even hinted at Miller using his album And After That, We Didn’t Talk as a direct blueprint for his 2016 album The Divine Femine without giving GoldLink the credit he believed he deserved. 

Since GoldLink has never spoke much about his relationship with Miller other than within a couple of his songs, many fans began to question the motive and the purpose for this seemingly random desire to provide insight on their relationship now. He first provided a glimpse into his relationship with Mac when he mentioned it during his second performance on the COLORS show on January 10, 2019 (three months after Mac Miller died) where he freestyled “Justine’s Interlude,” in which he gave the following details about one of his interactions with Miller just a few days before he died: 

“Mac died and I couldn’t talk, couldn’t bear the thought two days before it, we was talkin’ ‘bout love and loss. Then he mentioned Ariana’s mama and newer songs never told a soul, but I knew he was dead all along.”

While the first sentence of GoldLink’s instagram post “I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear that you died on us,” seemed extremely insensitive the rapper has made similar comments in the past. 

Fans and friends of Miller quickly came to defend his legacy, including singer and songwriter, Anderson.Paak, who has worked with both Miller and Carlos and did not approve of what the DMV rapper had to say about his longtime friend. Paak took it to Instagram and publicly criticized GoldLink for what he believes was a “disrespectful, narcissistic, jealous grossly unnecessary post.”

After posting on Tuesday, GoldLink did not respond to the backlash he received until his performance on Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany.  During his performance Goldink told his audience:

“Mac Miller is my best friend, in the industry…that’s one of my best fucking friends till this day.” 

The rapper went on to say that “without Mac Miller there would be no GoldLink,” he credited Miller with being one of the three people in the industry to support him and his music. He told his audience that they should be unapologetic about the things they desire to say and how they desire to say them. While the motive or reasoning for the DMV rapper suddenly wanting to open up about his relationship with Miller is still unclear fans have received a little more information about the dynamic between the two artists.

See GoldLink’s and Anderson. Paak’s Instagram posts and GoldLink’s response to the backlash below:



Jamaija Rhoades

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Jamaija Rhoades is a transfer student pursuing the journalism major. She aspires to be a film journalist. Jamaija would also like to open up her own movie theater that holds enrichment programs for individuals of African descent. She enjoys watching movies and writing about the themes that inspire her within these movies.
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