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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.


We can all relate. Spotting an insanely attractive guy, in hopes that he approaches you, asks for your number and a beautiful relationship blossoms from it. But ladies, this way of thinking has to stop. Why not just go for that guy you’re interested in and take charge with your feelings? It can’t hurt to say you tried and actually got the guy you were perusing.  Here are a few ways to take charge and go after want you want:

Stop Being Awkward

When feelings come into play it’s not unusual to feel weird and awkward around someone you don’t know personally, but are really attracted to. That should not stop you from approaching him first! Get out of your comfort zone, say hello and start a casual conversation by dishing out a simple compliment! Being forward can’t hurt!

Find A Time to Approach Him When He’s Alone

Most people find it easier to talk to someone when they’re around a group of people or in the comfort of their friends because it’s easier to break the ice. But this is a no no, it shows you on more of a friend level than a personal, “ I want to get to know you level”. Pull them to the side, and let them know you’re interested by simply starting conversation and getting to know them better.

Don’t Give up So Easily

Reading into peoples actions and seeing things for more than they are is the main problem when getting to know someone.  Don’t give up on a potential bae, because he gives you a dry “hey,” or what’s up during your first encounter.  He may just be out of his comfort zone or simply just chilling. Keep up the effort and show him he’s worth the challenge!

Give it Some Time

Getting his number and capturing his attention is step one. But don’t be so eager that you mess up your chances, or risk making him feel uncomfortable. Wait to text him and start a conversation. Going in for the kill after 5 minutes of getting his contact information is a big NO. Slow down, take your time and just let it flow. Anything meant to be will come naturally.

Try using some of these tips and see how they work for you. After all, if you really want something you’ll try your hardest to get it. If it doesn’t work out, you can say you tried and move on to finding someone else better for you. Ladies, don’t miss out on what could potential be a great relationship because of being timid! Go for the gold girl! 

Lauren Hendricks is a Junior, Journalism major at Hampton University. When she's not busy studying, serving as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Hampton U or staying involved on Hampton's campus, she can be found at a local Starbucks, mall or on her yoga mat. Lauren is enthusiastic about community service and telling stories. Check here for blog posts and updates.