Geryn Harris '17

Name: Geryn Harris

Class: Junior

Major: Comprehensive Art

Hometown: Richmond, VA

HC: What are you passionate about? 

GH: Honestly bettering myself and becoming the best me I can be

HC: What are your career goals? 

GH: To be great! I want to be able to support myself and love what I do.

HC: What do you look for in a relationship? 

GH: I look for honesty, focus, intellectual conversation, and a friendship-like bond. I also look for someone who can support me.

HC: How would you describe the Hampton woman? 

GH: I would describe the Hampton woman as bold and daring, but classy and sweet and about her business.

HC: What do you like about Hampton guys?

GH: I think I like how each of them are so different. You're never going to meet the same two.

HC: What's your favorite thing to eat? 

GH: I just found out about Pho 79, so right now that's my favorite, but I love Boston Market too.

HC: What is the number one thing you want for Christmas? 

GH: Happiness and for my loved ones to be happy!

HC: What do you like about Hampton men? 

GH: Now Hampton men are different! I like the way they act and carry themselves.

HC: What is your deal breaker in a relationship?

GH:  Lying to me-I can't stand liars.

HC: What motivates you?

GH: My family! I want to be my best for them and make them proud.