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I recently decided to try a sample of the Garnier 10 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner to see how it would work on black hair. The product was a sample from our sponsor, Garnier. It was the 10 in 1 leave in conditioner and honestly I was scared to try it at first. Natural, curly headed, brown girls like myself usually stick to Cantu, or Shea moisture so it was interesting to see how this would react on my hair texture and follicles. 

A wash and go seemed to be my best bet. My definition of a wash and go might be different from the next natural chick, but to work with the product; I felt my method would be ideal. I began by rinsing my hair in the shower of the old product with water only before detangling, defining, applying, slicking and letting my hair air dry. 

My hair turned out sleek and smooth but it surprisingly stayed in place. One complaint I had was the crunchiness of my ends. But, I was still amazed that I did a slick back and after going to two classes my hair still looked like when I left the bathroom. Overall I rate this product a four out of five stars! 

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