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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

By: Symone Conway

As we matriculate our way onto the campus, many thoughts consume our freshman minds: between the anxiety and heartbreak of packing up our homes and saying bye to our friends, to the further uneasiness and excitement of unpacking in our dorms and making new bonds. We have begun to embark on a new chapter of our lives, and what will be, for some of us, the most plot enhancing years of our lives. But past the unpacking and orientation, the biggest worry as school starts and classes get real is: did I choose the right college? 

Universities always put on their best performance on high school visitation days and campus tours. Rightfully so, as they want to make their best impression on their prospective students. And while that impression may woo a person over, it takes more than decorated cafeteria days and band performances to keep students enrolled. 

As I enter my second month in college, finally feeling adjusted with a set routine, I ask myself: is Hampton the right school for me? If I am being completely honest, I can’t see myself anywhere else. Every day has not been perfect: the cafeteria lacks sometimes, and professors are confusing, but the vibe at my university is unlike any other. At several visits and during orientation, upperclassmen noted heavily that Hampton is what you make it. It is not a party school, but we have the will to make it fun for ourselves. From joining orgs, participating in student center events, and occasional off campus events, I can truly say that I’m very glad I chose Hampton.

Part of the reason for my positive attitude towards Hampton right now, on a social front, has to do with the really nice people I encounter on a daily basis. I have three bigs that have been super helpful since I’ve been on campus. I’ve joined three orgs and go to bible study. Other students have been helpful with class study sessions. My RA is really sweet. I also love my roommate and friend group, as well as the other friends I’ve made since being here. Academically speaking, I am very driven and self-disciplined. I stay on top of my assignments, so I can enjoy my free time without stress. Being here on a scholarship, I have to remember to keep my eye on the prize. Grades and assignments come first, but I am also here to experience life and new experiences. 

Everyone doesn’t feel the same way though. Many are unhappy with professors, struggle too much with the work, or have a hard time connecting with other students. Some have also expressed their desire to transfer next semester or for their sophomore year. A school of this caliber is not everyone’s cup of tea. “The Standard of Excellence” pushed throughout the university comes with a great level of rigorous, time consuming work that can be too stressful. With any college or university, there will be pros and cons, likes and dislikes; but at the end of the day, we’re all here for a degree. I feel that beyond what may be some of Hampton’s flaws, this university is really set up to set us on the path of success. 

The fact of the matter is that college is not just writing papers and going to parties. This is the chapter of entering adulthood, finding ourselves, forming and ending relationships, trying new things, and more. But no matter the environment, we grow and adapt to the circumstances and situations we go through. Being at a university that strives to uphold “The Standard of Excellence” requires that we have to work hard to play hard and strive to be the best, and I’m incredibly glad I chose Hampton University.

Symone Conway

Hampton U '27

Hi! I’m Symone, a psychology major at Hampton University from Chicago, IL. I'm interested in psych because I love understanding people and being there for them. I’m the oldest sister of three, which has influenced my love for supporting others mentally and emotionally. I also love any and everything girly. I think of myself to be a girls girl and believe in uplifting my feminine queens <3. I enjoy astrology a lot (I’m a pisces). I love talking and bonding with others. I’m excited as a writer for HerCampus and hope my articles are enjoyed by all those that read them. Writing is a super impactful outlet for me, and I am inspired by those around me to continue entertaining the world through my articles!