Freshman Ball: A Night to Remember!

Sequins, Sparkles, velvet and bowties! This is all you saw on the members of QTX at last weeks Freshman Ball, and I must say they looked like the hottest class under the sun. Although the ball was in the Student Center Ballroom it was set up so nicely that you almost forgot you were still on campus. 

The committee did a wonderful job at making the night feel special. A limo service circulated to all the Freshman dorms to drive them right up to the red carpet outside of the ball. The red carpet was definitely a hit for taking pictures due to its bright lights. Everyone loves that good lighting! The DJ played something for every region and of course some Hampton favorites. There was a lovely spread of Hors d’oeuvres and cake for dessert. A picture is an everlasting memory, so of course, they had a photo booth with cute props as a keepsake for the night. Positive reactions to the ball flooded Twitter timelines. Several people tweeted about the great time they had, and some even claimed it was better than prom! Freshman ball 2016 was definitely a night to remember!