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Five Tips to Make Your Quarantine Go by Fast

I know being trapped in the house isolated from the world can be upsetting. Especially with the same, monotonous schedule 24 hours a day! Here are some tips to make the clock tik-tok faster than you expected. 

Write stories

This is a perfect time to get the creative juices flowing! Pick up that pencil or pen and make the interaction with the piece of paper. Your diary/journal is your best friend. Let your imagination run wild! It can start from something simple like living in a mansion to living in an imaginary place where you are the King or Queen. It doesn't have to be stories you write about. It could be anything going on in your life that you just want to get off your chest! Free Verse. Structured doesn’t matter as long as you feel entertained throughout this interaction. Writing is one of the most common tactics that are labeled as therapeutic. 

Think about your future

Making a goal list is something that would make time fly. Setting a list of goals or as I would call mines, a prayer list, is definitely suggested. Set aside a goal or two you would like to accomplish before a certain age, month, etc. Every day, go towards it and read it until it is imprinted in your mind. Having your goals established in your mind could increase your drive to complete them and could assist you in finding your purpose. 


Exercise is the way to keep your body healthy and in shape. Even if it is as little as a 10-minute walk down the street and back. Exposing yourself to sunlight could make yourself feel refreshed. Create a workout plan and stick to it ...so you can work out the “I ate all my quarantined snacks” body. 

Develop a new skill

While you're on your phone or some type of technology, you could be watching a youtube tutorial on how to do box braids or lashes. The time you spend doing nothing would drag the day. Youtube is a clutch for trying to learn a new skill. You get the interactive experience of seeing how someone else mastered the craft and you could unlock a talent you didn’t even know you had. 

Bond with your family

Being in the house with your family can get a little frustrating! Instead of fighting with them, maybe learn to have fun with them. Choose one day out the week to have a family day. That could involve watching the premiere of a new movie or marathon together, or playing Twister to see who falls first! Having that bond with your family is important because now you guys have something exciting to look forward to in the week. 

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