Finest Freshman: Kaya Davis

Ladies, if you don’t have your eyes on anyone, you should have your eyes on this week’s Finest Freshman. Meet one of the cutest QT11 has to offer, Kaya Davis. Kaya is a freshman, Music major, from the Peach State, Georgia! Not only is he a star soccer player, but he even makes and performs his very own music (Soundcloud: Bankrollboy)! Keep reading to get the scoop”as HerCampus gets the opportunity to play 21 questions with Kaya!


HC: What are you involved in around campus?

KD: I’m on the soccer team...I go to parties *laughs*. I guess that’s involved, I think. *laughs*


HC: If you could describe the type of music you like through one song or artist, who or what would it be?

KD: That’s a really hard question. Definitely a Drake song because that’s my favorite artist. Ah, *checks phone and laughs* probably Hotline Bling. It’s just a diverse song.


HC: Who’s your musical inspiration?

KD: My inspiration is Michael Jackson. I’m not really a singer, but I guess I kind of do that.


HC: Have you always been musically inclined?

KD: Yes *laughs* I always used to freestyle.


HC: What was your favorite part of Homecoming this year?

KD: Homecoming was cool! Parties. I don’t want to sound shallow. *laughs* I guess, the atmosphere. There was always something going on.


HC: What are your views on Donald Trump?

KD: *laughs*. Horrible. Horrible person. Horrible president. It’s sad that we have him.


HC: What made you choose your major?

KD: There’s not really a career in being an artist, but there is in music management, engineering like working on music sets and radio, and perfecting artist’s music.


HC: With your major, are you more interested in still making music or perfecting other people’s music?

KD: I will keep making music, but probably perfect other people’s music more.



HC: How would you describe your style?

KD: *smiles* This is probably not a word but “soccer-y”, like sporty. I always wear soccer jerseys with jeans and good shoes. Like, sporty. Clean. *laughs*


HC: Are you participating in No Shave November?

KD: Wait, do you mean my face or my hair? *pauses* I’m going to shave everything that needs to be shaved. *laughs*


HC: What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a girl?

KD: *smiles and laughs* This is going to sound corny, but personality. A lot of girls are pretty, but they’re like boring or shallow and have nothing special to them. But, physical….smile, I guess. Positive energy.


HC: So, do you have a type?

KD: No, no type. Definitely not. Just a pretty girl. *smiles*


HC: Celebrity crush?

KD: Bundle of Brittany *laughs* That’s the one everybody probably knows.


HC: F, Marry, Kill: Rihanna, Zendaya, Jhene Aiko

KD: *laughs* F- Rihanna,  Marry Jhene aiko, Kill Zendaya


HC: What makes you different from other guys at Hampton?

KD: *smiles* Well, people have said that I’m one of the best artists here. *shrugs* I’m not a f***boy when I get cuffed either. I’m just...chill, I guess.


HC: Do you prefer to approach women are let them shoot their shot?

KD: I prefer to approach them, but I need to know if it’s a good idea.


HC: So, does your bro have to throw you the “oop”?

KD: No! I hate that *laughs* I just need the girl to drop signs to me.


HC: First date?

KD: Starbucks, anywhere really. Somewhere I can talk to them and get to know them. Second date we can go to the movies or whatever.


HC: What is your biggest pet peeve about Hampton women?

KD: *thinks hard* Playing hard to get! Definitely that!


HC: Do you think you get underestimated by upperclassmen women because you’re a freshman?

KD:Yes, all the time. *laughs*


HC: Describes your perfect girl in 3 words.

KD: Smart, Loyal, Adaptable


IG: Bankrollboy

Soundcloud: Bankrollboy


If you like what you see, be sure to follow Kaya’s social media handles! Most importantly, visit his soundcloud because he’s up next!