Finest Freshman: Justin Coote


This week I was able to interview someone who I consider a little brother to me. QTXI’s very own Justin Coote. He is a Computer Engineering and Architecture major from Brooklyn, New York.


HC: What made you choose the illustrious Hampton University?

JC: I came because Hampton University is a great school and when I came for my tour I liked the student body community.


HC: Where do you see yourself after graduating Hampton?

JC: Well...after I graduate I see myself work for an architecture firm, until I can open my own.


HC: Are you in any organizations on campus? If so, which one do you enjoy being a part of most?

JC: I am in a lot organizations on campus. Some I can name real quick off the top of my head are, North Pac, Red Cross Club, and Give A Chance. The one I enjoy being a part of most I think is North Pac, just because I get to interact with people from my own region and when we link it’s always a good time.


HC: So I heard that you have a youtube channel. What made you want to start it and what type of videos do you make?

JC: I made a YouTube channel because after my senior season on the football team had finished I had so much free time. One of my friends recently started one so I eventually made one.


HC: What are some words you would use to describe your personality?

JC: *Hmmm..* Fresh, innovative, and unique.  


HC: It’s no secret that there are a lot of girls on this campus. With that being said, do you think you have met your ideal Hampton Woman? If not, what are some characteristics you would look for?

JC: I have not, just yet. I had a lot on my plate this year.  But If was I was looking, I would be look for some who knows their self worth, has a head on their shoulders, beautiful of course, goofy and loves to laugh.


HC:  Is there any advice that you would like to give to the incoming freshman class?

JC: Yes, of course. I would say college is how you make it. There will be many thing that will try’s that will try to move you off your path to to success.

Here’s the link for Justin’s youtube channel. Be sure to check out his videos and subscribe!