Finest Freshman: Eric Coates

A Freshman, Sociology major, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eric Coates has dove right into the Hampton culture. Joining organization such as Men's Caucus, where he is on the community service and social bonding committees. He is also a member of the SGA Senate. Read below to find out how this freshman is preparing his mark here on campus!

HC: With recent allegations arising, how do you feel about the current safety measures on campus?

EC: I feel like I have been living under a rock, I didn’t know all of this was going on. There should be more cops on campus instead of the harbors. I never thought of this campus to be a scary place. HUPD and HPD needs to be proactive and not retroactive. Our security needs to step up and patrol more. There is no reason why I see more locals than students and cops on campus at night.  


HC: With no 12-2, and seemingly every fun event getting cancelled how has your Hampton experience been so far?

EC: So far it has been corney *laughs* but, its like they say you got to make the best out of your experiences.


HC: Why did you choose Hampton?

EC: Even though I didn't want to go to a PWI my original choice was The University of Organ. However, when looking at schools the college advisor at my high school said I wasn’t going to be able to afford Hampton and I wanted to prove a point. I also enjoyed the campus tour and lifestyle I saw.


HC: Why did you chose your major and where do you see yourself going with it?

EC: I wanna to go law school to become a criminal defense attorney. While in law school I want to be a juvenile public defender. I feel as though as children  have issues that go unnoticed and who better to vouch for them than someone who has gone through it.



HC: If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

EC: I can’t pick just one but I would want to combine The Flash and The Hulk. The Flash because he’s fast. I would be able to get so much done throughout the course of one day. The Hulk because he’s strong and he has a certain demeanor/mentality.


HC: Current favorite song and why?

EC: Freak in You by PARTYNEXTDOOR. That’s the song I play in the shower, it just soothes me. *smiles*


HC: Do you believe that you will find your life partner here at Hampton University?

EC: I don’t know it has been some girls that I find attractive but, I am not looking right not now, maybe one day I will be in that realm and mindset probably closer to graduation.


HC: What has Hampton taught you?

EC: It has taught me that everyone isn’t your friend. I always knew that, but it was really brought to light especially during NSO. People will talk trash and then try to “dap you up”. Some of the people I knew during NSO week...we don’t hang out anymore.

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