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Finest Freshman: David Jackson

College guy 

David Jackson is in his first year at Hampton University from Atlanta Georgia. He is an architect  major and leadership studies minor. In his Free time he likes to draw and hangout with friends, family and travel . He has been to  China, Ireland, and canada. He also likes to watch youtube videos and netflix. 

HC: “What made you come to Hampton University?”

DJ: “One of the  biggest factors that made me come to Hampton was the scholarship money they were offering me. I also really wanted to go to an HBCU.  Hampton also has one of the best architect programs out of all the HBCUs. I also have 4 family members who went to Hampton so that was a big factor for me as well.”   

HC: “Any advice for incoming freshman?”

DJ: “One piece of advice I would offer is to stay focused on yourself  and don't compare yourself to other people. If you stay focused on yourself you will grow more.”  

HC: “What is one thing Hampton has taught you so far ?”

DJ: “Hampton has taught me to be more assertive. You don’t have parents to speak on your behalf. You have to advocate for yourself and be stern about what you want. This has been a big and important lesson for me.”


HC: “Are there any organizations/extra curricular activities you are apart of at Hampton?”

DJ: “I am part of the  marching force, and I am part of the leadership institute, the honors college and the freshman executive council.”  

HC: “What makes David David?”

DJ: “One of the things that makes me David, is I am not a stereotypical black male. I mean I have done a lot of things that not a lot of people have done. I am an eagle scout. I did that at age of 15 and most people do at age 18.  Only 4% of boys make it to the eagle scout ranking, and only a handful are African American. I have also done a lot of traveling and seeing other cultures , and that defines me as well. I play instruments like the trumpet which is a big part of who I am. Within scouting I have been camping, skiing and kayaking. High adventure activities set me apart from others. I am not the stereotypical black male you see in the media. Lastly, my GPA of  3.96 also sets me apart.”


HC: “What do you want to accomplish while at Hampton before your graduation?”

DJ: “I want to be in a leadership position and help Hampton get more exposure. I want more people to know about it and what makes Hampton great.” 


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