Finest Freshman: Christopher Mells

Last week, I was able to sit down and interview a freshman who stays coming with the fits every time he gets a chance! Christopher Mells is a First-year Biology Pre-Dental major from Yorktown, VA.  I was able to ask him questions about his experience with Hampton and his style motivation. 

Thanks for sitting down with me today. What made you choose Hampton and how would you describe your experience?

Christopher: I chose Hampton because of the many amazing opportunities it had to offer. And so far my experience here at Hampton University has been a great experience. The campus is beautiful and the people here are very friendly. 

HC: How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Christopher: My style described in 3 words would be street, casual, and minimal. 

HC: Do you have a celebrity or someone in mind who inspires you to style? 

Christopher: The people who inspire me to style are three YouTubers: Jose Zuniga, Devon on Decks, and Alex Costa. I chose these specific three YouTubers because I really loved their sense of style. Their style is very mature and very presentable, which are key aspects of being a man. Knowing how to dress and how to style is very important. 

​HC: I love that answer! So this theme is HisCampus and we’re focusing on the male perspective of things this coming week. So what do you think are some things girls tend to misinterpret about boys?

Christopher: Some things that girls misinterpret about guys is that they tend to generalize all guys the same way. They mistakenly assume that all guys act immature and that all guys just want one thing instead of taking the time to pick out the men from the boys and actually getting to know what they’re all about.

HC: Wow, okay good point! What do you look for in a Woman? 

Christopher: Things that I look for in a woman is if she has values, she’s independent, a believer in Christ, and carries herself as a Queen. 

Any advice you would give to a girl trying to get to know you?

Christopher: Don’t be shy. I’m nice and very open. I love making conversation. Once you start a conversation, it’s hard to try to end that. 

And lastly, what’s one thing about relationships you wish that was different in our generation?

Christopher: One thing about relationships that I wish was different in our generation is that I wish social media was not the leading factor for a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with showing off your significant other, but posting just to flex and make others jealous isn’t the way to go. ​ 

Hopefully, you guys officially know everything you need to know about this week’s Fab Freshman! 

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And all photos are credited to the lovely Ms. Sara Avery. Her photography page on Instagram @thefrotagrapher