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Finding Your Flower in a Field of Weeds

I spent years walking through a massive field of weeds until I finally came across one healthy flower amidst everything.

When I became old enough to develop a love life of my own, I expected so much from it. The first guy I liked was in ninth grade, the second one in eleventh, and so on. These flings all happened at different times, introduced me to different things and ended for different reasons. Although one thing that all these guys had in common is that they weren’t right for me. At the time, I looked at all of them through the rose-colored glasses that I wear whenever I like someone. Whenever I would daydream about who my future boyfriend would be and what our imaginary relationship was like, I felt like I was drifting further from the reality of the type of guys I’ve always known. One thing about me is that I don’t settle for less from anyone; I know what I want, and I was prepared to stay single until I got what I deserved (within reason, of course.) Although, it came to a point when I was okay with being alone. Although once I met him, my mindset on relationships changed. He is the depiction of everything I could imagine. 

All of this is to say that even when it feels like you’re never going to find your person, you will. Although if you’re struggling to find them, here’s the main piece of advice that has helped me in the past.

Don’t rush it! When you’ve found them, you may not even notice it at first. They may come into your life quietly, without you even suspecting a thing. You usually never expect it to happen until it happens, and it changes your life for the better. Continue working towards your goals and bettering yourself so that when they come into your life, they’ll be acting as an addition to your happiness; not the cause.

Zari Paige

Hampton U '22

Hello, I'm Zari Paige and I am a sophomore Strategic Communication major studying at Hampton University.
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